MSNBC: Uncharted 2 Review

Jonathan writes: "With Uncharted 2: Among Thieves etching closer to release coupled with the phenomenally high reviews that the game has been getting, Uncharted 2 is receiving a lot of attention. The majority of sites have written highly-positive reviews for the game averaging the title's score at around 97, and now the game is also beginning to receive global media attention. A few recent videos show that even MSNBC has given this hot title the attention it deserves."

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UnSelf3384d ago

you have got to play this game. i just beat it last night.

it is truly on a level of its own. its so good, u get extremely pissed when the credits roll

beardpapa3384d ago

Dunno how you can "beat the game already", but my memorable experience in the multiplayer was being on the hero side as Chloe fighting against the villains. The player had the riot shield on, and me and a buddy couldn't shoot at him. So I climbed up the steps, ran and jumped on top of the player then whacked him for a fistacuff. I'm not sure if youtube videos can be recorded on the demo multiplayer, but that would've been some awesome video to show.

thereapersson3384d ago

WTF, N4G put my reply in the wrong place

RecSpec3384d ago

He could've been one of the people that went to the huge Uncharted parties they were throwing at movie theaters, everyone who went got a copy of the game early.

Lord_Ash3384d ago

Allot of stores broke the street date, I have 8 peoples on my friends list playing it.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3384d ago

First CBS News, now MSNBC! Uncharted 2 is doin it big!

kalebgray923384d ago

tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!! can wait

ultimolu3384d ago

Ra dammit, I better see if my local store has it already. I have butterflies in my stomach for this game already.

_vx3384d ago

yah got mine 2days ago and playing it on hard (tho not that hard) im in chapter 18 the game is fcukin AMAZING!! i didnt even touch the multiplayer mode yet @[email protected] i wont till um done with the single player,, ppl this game is 15/10 FOR REAL the casting is so awesome and the way the camera moves is fcuking brilliant, the action is crazy .. this game has it ALL,, DONT MISS IT

aceitman3384d ago

anyone upset about the gametrailers review from shan let your vote count at http://forums.gametrailers.... let the truth be shown

Lifendz3383d ago

I want to take my time with it. But yeah, it's friggin awesome.

Darkstorn3383d ago

I'll betcha Fox News reviews this game...and hates on it. XD
I may agree with MSNBC's politics, and there's no doubt that their anchors are far smarter than the ideologues at Fox or the pussies at CNN. Even so, MSNBC is a bit too blatantly biased for me. I prefer the BBC's subtle liberalism personally.

YogiBear3383d ago

I also beat the game bubbles. It's phenominal. Started a new game on Crushing, should be fun.

bullaaaa3383d ago

http://www.petitiononline.c... is the boycott gametrailers petition for their highly biased anti-PS3 reporting.

barom3383d ago

Omfg. Enough with the GameTrailers bs already. 9.3 is a great score, in fact it's a fantastic score. I'm a BIG Sony fan and even I'm starting to get annoyed at this bs. Seriously, it's just a score and it's just one guy's opinion and most of all it was an awesome score, why hate it on it. Get real and let it go. Especially so when most of ya haven't even played the game to justify your own opinions.

UnSelf3383d ago

i got the game on the 9th from some store here in NYC. Check my psn if u dont believe me PSN:UnSelfHomicide

Yea im playing it on Crushing now, i loveeee it

Ausbo3383d ago

this game looks great.
It is a system seller and makes me really wish i had a ps3

Visually this is the best looking game i have ever seen on a console.

sunil3383d ago

Uncharted Drakes Fortune listed, but not UC2

shadow27973383d ago

Maybe he hasn't synced it yet?

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JonnyBigBoss3384d ago

They're one of the larger media outlets. MSNBC stands for Microsoft News Broadcasting Station. I would expect to see something from CNN and other media soon.

Jamie Foxx3384d ago

liked his review though, and im glad uncharted 2 is getting the attention it deserves..

Feral Gamer3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

MSNBC is the combination of MS and NBC. It doesn't mean Microsoft News Broadcasting Station as stated in 2.1. MSNBC doesn't end with an "S" so "station" is incorrect. It's just an acronym combining the two companies. Microsoft/National Broadcasting Company

VanHalen3384d ago

Not many people watch msnbc out here, it always does very poor in the ratings and most of the news casters on it are complete morons. Its a cable television news channel that is probably one of the worst mainstream media outlets. Surprised they actually reviewed this game. As far as U2 goes, im 25% into it right now and every moment of that game is action packed and very addicting. Its one of those games that you dont wanna turn off and when youre not playing it you are thinking about it haha. Its that good. I was fortunate enough to pick it up early by accident. Its worth every penny people!

BWS19823384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

I put little stock in our news corps/stations/entities (Fox News being at the bottom), and I'd say that because MS merged with NBC some years ago (well, MSN + NBC, the "N" is redundant so is omitted) they've lost value to me. It's sad when people from other countries think my/our train of thought and set of opinions are a creation and pet project of major media outlets...NOT true...It's hard to trust any of them, and what I try to do is keep a perspective about what is seen: If one is reporting something, I look at what it is, could it be slanted, could it be bias, what benefit could a spin be if it were spun, etc...I'm very critical, and a survey I'd read (in a study, as I'm into that kind of stuff) had concluded the generation of the 80's and 90's puts less stock in news and is very wary and suspicious of the media of present day...great thing, because I find half of what they articulate to have an agenda. Mostly political BS if you ask many of us here...

thereapersson3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

Just put aside the political stuff for just one second, and realize that they did a very creative thing with this review.

MSNBC isn't even a dedicated gaming outlet, and yet they provided a more entertaining review than nearly any other site I've seen. We should at least give them credit for this.


Yeah, just watch the review. It's done the way a video review should be done, IMO. They mention Uncharted 2 and ONLY Uncharted 2, not once bringing up Gears of War or any other game to try to stealthily troll the title.

BWS19823384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

but I really don't even pay attention to them normally, I was responding to the inquiry of value regarding MSNBC here...if it's "creative" then perhaps I'll take a look to see what you're talking about. I won't hold my breath, as I barely read what critics say, pundits say, reviewers say, and so on, without adding not just a grain of salt, but a big heavy-handed, objective dash of salt. It's sad when I get more candid points of view by watching standup comedy here than when listening to some bitter geriatric drone on about how the country's either gone to hell or is about to become unstoppable.

Edit: I read the synopsis and more comments that have come in, I'm afraid it'll spoil the game if it's got pieces edited together...props to them if that's what they did, that IS creative...maybe I'll bookmark it (Have UC2 preordered)...and watch it later...can't stand spoilers brosef...not good.

madpuppy3384d ago

"MSNBC is a cable news channel based in the United States and available in both the US and Canada. Its name is a combination of "Microsoft" and "NBC"."

AnonUser55553384d ago

Just because it's on Wikipedia doesn't make it right.

When MSNBC began, it was absolutely "MSN + NBC." Not sure exactly why we're quibbling over such a ridiculous detail, but the "MS + NBC" aren't right. But really, who cares.

And to all those saying that MSNBC isn't considered to be any sort of legitimate news outlet, you're delusional. Just because you don't agree with their left-leaning politics doesn't make them illegitimate. Unlike Fox, which seems to actually make up stories.

Fox News is like those crap gaming websites that post articles like "OMG Uncharted 2 is SOOOOO Overrated" just to generate hits.

Sarcasm3384d ago

I agree with thereapersson

The review was actually really good and straight to the point. And also happens to be a 10/10.

JonnyBigBoss3383d ago

You just contradicted yourself. Technically MSNBC is not Microsoft news, but MSNBC does stand for Microsoft News Broadcasting Network. What do you think NBC stands for? Nothing? Look it up.

Darkstorn3383d ago

I'll betcha Fox News reviews this game...and hates on it. XD
I may agree with MSNBC's politics, and there's no doubt that their anchors are far smarter than the ideologues at Fox or the pussies at CNN. Even so, MSNBC is a bit too blatantly biased for me. I prefer the BBC's subtle liberalism personally.

Marceles3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

I'm quite sure the "C" in MSNBC doesn't stand for Network or Station :P

sunil3383d ago

MSNBC = MicroSoft National Broadcasting Company

Source Wikipedia.

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LordMarius3384d ago

The bots admit defeat

try spinning this one

infekt3383d ago

Its done. Sony just whipped theirs out.

Cant wait for this title. All these reviews are not helping. I'm too eager to play it.

Crazyglues3383d ago

I guess that's all you would really need to know for it to be official because when even MSNBC can see that the game is a 10 what more do you really need.


AuToFiRE3383d ago

I love how the bots have shut up, now they see the unparalleled power of the Playstation 3

dustgavin3383d ago

Most of them are crying in a corner or staring in disbelief. This will be game of the year.

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Raoh3384d ago

that was a pretty awesome review.. shame other reviewers aren't using the machinima for the video as well..

Damn it though, i'm really into Demon's Souls right now, playing as we speak and Uncharted 2 comes out this tuesday...

talk about creating balance..

Thank God I have next monday and tuesday off

villevalorox3384d ago

I know what you mean! I'm deeply immersed in Demon's souls at the moment and Uncharted 2 comes out in a few days :*( so so sad that they are so close.

Ravage273384d ago

anyway, whoever you are, if you are still on the fence at this point of time, give it up and BELIEVE THE HYPE!

I'm (sadly) just a few chapters away from completion and's difficult to expect anything to beat UC2's SP in the next couple years, even for UC3!!!

Sarcasm3384d ago

Well you guys do have to realize that both Demon's Souls AND Uncharted 2 have a LOT of content. So you won't be finishing either one anytime soon. Well, Uncharted 2 you can finish the main single player. But then there's the co-op and multiplayer. If you're anything like me, you're probably already addicted to the MP.

Right now I'm juggling between DS and the UC2 beta. So once UC2 drops, I'm still going to be juggling between those two.

I've already skipped NGS2 and most likely will be skipping Forza 3 and R&C until I'm all tired of DS and UC2.

VanHalen3383d ago

Wow, are you kidding me? MSNBCs anchors are smart, is that what you said? rofl, have you even listened or taken a look at the likes of complete frauds as Olbermann or Maddow? At least Fox has got anchors with brains on that network! Maybe thats why theyre number 1 in the ratings. Do the research you idiot! Smartest thing to do is to not get your news from any of the media. I will say the best show to watch out there is Red Eye on Fox news, its a frikin riot!

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Ichiryoka3384d ago

Am I going to have to do something strange for a little change to get this masterpiece?

moparful993383d ago

I hear ya.. Im a game horder and I never trade my games or sell them but for U2 I did.. Normally I would have just bought the game outright but I bought batman aa and need for speed: shift on top of paying my bills and well lets just say my wallet is on a diet... So I took about 8 of my games that I never play into my local gamestop and traded them for credit.. Lucky me they were having some big promotion and I ended up getting like 30 extra in trade in credit and I essentially got uncharted 2 for free... IM sooooo stoked for this game... cant wait for midnight tomorrow....