OXCGN Forza 3 October Update #7 – Sleek, Sexy & Swift – 2009 VW Scirocco GT


"Forza 3 fans will just love this, especially those in Europe. This little beast will only see "real world" sales in Europe and not in North America . . .making it a very desirable European sports coupe, not just because of its style and sleek designs but because it's one car that won't see itself being thrown around US streets – unless!?

Any solid 'Dub supporters in North America that want this car, or any of its 3 variants, will either have to move house to the European shores or look at importing it themselves, which would prove a costly venture no matter which way you looked at it.

But not if you play Forza 3."

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gaminoz3390d ago

I quite like VWs...Of course the only one my family owned was the camping combie...

Godem3390d ago

Not long to go now!!!

XboxOZ3603389d ago

I'd prefer one of these to a japanese car anyday. The current run of European small cars is amazing, and having these in Forza 3 with the ability to create something amazing like this is just first class.

I love the look of the ones at the Motorshow and especially the race tuned GT24 that is in the images.

3sq3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Yeah and those motorshow girls at motorshow are so damn hottt. Especially in Asia.

Christopher3389d ago

Looks like a car that's confused as to whether it's a hatchback or an SUV to me. Not an appealing design, IMHO.

resistance1003389d ago

Meh the Scirocco is an average car at best, the new golf is far better, also the Focus GT and new Astra are much higher up the list, i hope they include those in Forza 3 & GT5

XboxOZ3603389d ago

As a race car, it has many of the boxes ticked.

It's got a Low COG
Has a strong, wide footprint
Has excellent areodynamis especially on the sides and nose naturally
Can deliver 370 bhp from a inline 4 cylinder (del 250 in standard trim)
It's been designed with racing in mind

You'll see these take on with the rally guys, but more so with the track racers and they lend themselves to painters with a solid canvas to use that allows for some excellent uninterupted lines

Each to their own, I'll have a few of these in Forza 3 and try different engine mix-ups. I managed to get my Bug in Forza 2 to achieve some amazing feats, and it didnt look half bad either . . called it the Paris Hilton Kal Kustom . for obvious reasons - it was Pink. (

And while my GTI was great, it still seems a little 'blocky" (mine was a bloody mess - litterally and less sleeker that the Scriocco

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