Famitsu Reviews RE4 Wii Edition

While most of us can still only dream of a chance to play the Wii version of Resident Evil 4, the editors of Famitsu DS+Wii were apparently spending some quality time with the real thing long ago. The Nintendo-oriented monthly sister publication of Weekly Famitsu offered opinions on the game in its July issue, which just hit Japanese news stands today.

Judging by the scores, the Wii could have a critical hit. Two editors awarded the game a perfect 10 out of 10. The other two were still impressed enough to award a score of 9.
RE4 Wii: 10 / 10 / 9 / 9 - (38/40)

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ITR4478d ago

Awesome score! I bet it sells like mad in Japan.

I wonder how it will score in the US?

PS360WII4478d ago

The new controls must be working out well for the title.

midgard2294478d ago

thought the controls would have suffered like most other ports for the wii, but good to know that its still good, although i wouldnt buy it since i beat the game already, so not willing to pay another 50$ for it, and doubt u guys who have the wii are willing too either since u most likley beat it for the gamecube right??? if not then DANG ya have no games to get lol.

tho its good news for people who never played the game

ITR4478d ago

Kinda sarcastic aren't ya?
The RE4 Wii Edition is only $29.99 not $50.

I only played the game once on the GC.

This ver. has the extra content from the PS2 ver. but with the better GC visuals.

texism4478d ago

10/10 hmm? Well, could be good news. But then again, isn't Famitsu like a Nintendo oriented magazine? I'll wait to see what other reviewers give it. But i like this news. I never played RE4 so I'll be picking this up.

ITR4477d ago


Famitsu is the most well respected gaming publication in all of Japan.

They have a Weekly Famitsu which covers all gaming.
All together they have a total of 5 mag's.
One for each console and one DVD mag.

Shūkan Famitsū, Famitsū PS, Famitsū Xbox, Famitsū Wii+DS, and Famitsū Wave DVD.

bootsielon4478d ago

gamecube version fare in comparison with the Wii version? What about the PS2 version? Anyone knows?

EZCheez4478d ago

All versions of this game have averaged at least a nine from almost every review they have gotten. I'm too lazy to tack on links so you'll just have to believe me. I love Resident Evil and I bought a Gamecube for the third time just for this game. I also have this game on the PS2 and the wife JUST finished it. She loves to tear the villagers in half with the Chicago Typewriter.

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