GameInformer: Wolfenstein Review

GameInformer writes: "No one can knock Wolfenstein's pedigree. The first supernatural shooter, Wolfenstein 3D from id Software, is the unquestioned foundation for the modern first-person shooter. In the years that have passed, however, myriad World War II games have dulled our taste for Nazi slaughters, and haunting thrillers like F.E.A.R. have raised the bar for atmospheric shooters. The latest title from the storied series features many nods to its predecessors, but ultimately clings to convention to a fault."

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Campy da Camper3298d ago

With so many other great games out there this is NOT worth the 60 bucks. Plus, every time I run it makes me sick and that never happens in games.

ambientFLIER3298d ago

That's weird, why does running make you sick?