GameInformer: Metroid Prime Trilogy Review

GameInformer writes: "Super Metroid is timeless. Even by today's standards, the game manages to suck me in and keep my hands on the controller until the credits roll. Gameplay principles laid out in that 2D masterpiece are still making an impact on modern games like Shadow Complex. I wonder if one day we'll look back at Metroid Prime with similar wonder. Seven years after its initial release, I still find myself overwhelmed by Metroid Prime's diverse landscapes. I still thrill over solving Prime's puzzles and eagerly hunt for the secrets tucked into every corner. Everything about Prime's world, from its enveloping ambiance to its perfectly paced upgrades scattered like breadcrumbs through an alien labyrinth, scream that this world is worth. If you haven't explored Tallon IV yet, what are you waiting for?"

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