Toys R Us buy 2, get 1 free sale starts tomorrow

Complete details regarding the Toys R Us deal have been released, which includes a chance to receive $5 off the purchase, preorder information, and point cards details (US only).

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Valay3388d ago

I'll certainly try to see what Toys R Us has available tomorrow. It is a good deal, but the game selection is what really matters.

Blaze9293388d ago

Excludes Pre-orders everyone! Nothing to see here :(

Peppy la Moca3388d ago

you can buy a "place holder" game and exchange it for the game you would have liked to buy that wasn't out at the time, as long as the game you want comes out within 45 days of the purchase. I know i will be getting a 3rd place holder game on Tuesday when i pick up Uncharted 2, then I will exchange it for Tekken 6 when that comes out 2 weeks after.

Blaze9293388d ago

Hmm thats true...meh too much of a hassle, not worth it.

evrfighter3388d ago

so if I buy 2 low priced pc games could I get say madden 10 for the ps3 as the free one?

Limited_Vertigo3388d ago


No unfortunately that's not how it works. With any deal like this it's always the 2 most expensive items you end up paying for. The lowest priced item is what you get for free.

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infamous_273388d ago

Is this offer good in Canada too? Im hoping to get Uncharted 2 for free to get back at Sony for not including us in their American only offer on the PS blog...

MidNite3388d ago

Great deal thanks for the post, I'm going on tues maybe I'll get Ucharted 2, Brutal Legends and Demon Soul...

Max Power3388d ago

if they have Demon's Souls. Call before you get your hopes up, it seems the people who pre-ordered the game (i.e. me and many other) got the game, but other were S.O.L.

steck673388d ago

If I ever decide to go there I'm going to get Demon Soul's and Uncharted 2, and maybe get Forza 3 or some other 60$ game and sell it for 50$ to somebody. Therefore I only spend 70$ for two AAA quality games.

RockmanII73388d ago

Good luck finding Demons Souls, It is no where on the site and most stores are sold out.

dragunrising3388d ago

I would love to get Demon's Souls but Atlus decided to limit shipment "everywhere." All in all, I'm a little pissed. If thousands imported the Hong Kong w/ English version how could they not anticipate the demand? Same with Persona 4. They never shipped enough copies. WTF!?!

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