Gametime Season 2 Episode 2: Operation Flashpoint is a real shooter This week Ruthlesskid was absent unfortunately, so instead I was joined by new cast member TheExMachina. Check us out as we go through the latest gaming topics as well as giving you our personal viewpoints. Gaming is all about entertainment, and we are here to entertain you further.

On This Show
- Uncharted 2 fans flame Gametrailers over review score
- PSPGo gets an unofficial price drop in the UK
- Halo 3 ODST sold 2.5 Mill already
- Ryo Hazuki (Shenmue) makes his return to gaming
- Risen Impressions
- Operation Flashpoint discussion.

Running time: 29 Minutes

In the show I challenged anyone to see me in Halo 3, Operation Flashpoint or Uncharted 2. So my gamertag is Swiffman and my PSN ID is SwiffEpics.

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