Now EA Russia list Mass Effect 2 for PS3

Mere hours after Australian retailer GAME added a PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 to their database EA Russia has added fuel to the fire, listing Mass Effect 2 for PS3 in addition to Xbox 360 and PC on their official website.

EA Russia's official website lists Mass Effect 2 as being for Xbox 360, PC and PS3, an interesting timing in the change considering GAME's addition of the game to their PS3 database.

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saint_john_paul_ii3297d ago

we all know this is bound to happen. This is EA we are talking about. Microsoft isnt in control of this franchise anymore. My question is how are they going to get people to understand what happened in the first part.

deadreckoning6663297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

LOL..this is too good :D
But I'm more interested in Splinter Cell: Conviction or L4D 2 making the jump. Not saying Mass Effect is bad, but the only RPG franchise ive ever cared for was Shenmue.

Edit: LOL, bring on the Phantom disagrees!!!

meepmoopmeep3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

there's an EA Russia?

EDIT: a phantom disagree is hurt by the news apparently :)

sonarus3297d ago

With so many rumors of this happening its hard to believe this news. But getting mass effect 2 would be huge for PS3

SullyDrake3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I bought a 360. If the game comes out for PS3 I'll still get it on 360 because I can carry over my character. Mass Effect isn't on PS3, and carrying over your character is a huge innovation that would be missed.

If the trilogy goes to PS3, I'll play it on both systems, because it is just that great.

Edit: Wow a disagree already? I love how someone disagrees with me playing a great game! You're cool buddy! ;D

meepmoopmeep3297d ago

it doesn't matter to me either mitchell

i get to play it regardless

Blaze9293297d ago

....and the outcome of that was?

swiftshot933297d ago

Let me just point out, that Bioware isnt making Mass Effect 2 with only those who have played the first in mind. That would extremely limit the target audience. Anyone who hasnt played the first would still be able to enjoy to the second. Maybe even more so because of all the gameplay enhancements.

With that said, I have Mass Effect on 360 and I plan to replay the game to have my character's choices to my likings in preperation of Mass Effect 2. ME is still the best 360 exclusive 2 years later and I cant wait for the second.

meepmoopmeep3297d ago

yeah, it's not like they're making it so that you HAVE to have played 1 to play 2

it's just a cool feature to carry over your choices, character and whatever.


"sigh", EA of Russia is not Bioware of America or Europe.

omni_atlas3297d ago

I don't know why you guys keep on saying its an exclusive. ME 1 was also released on the PC. PC + Xbox 360 /= exclusive.

qface643297d ago

the thing that surprised me is that there is an EA RUSSIA???

Sarcasm3297d ago

"EA of Russia is not Bioware of America or Europe. "

Bioware of America or Europe is owned by EA.

Chubear3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

..and I don't really like RPGs; WRPGs maybe bearable but JRPGs mean nothing to me but I just don't do RPGs in general. However Mass Effect was that one action WRPG that got me to sit up and take notice.

However, since the release of Demon Souls and the pending release of other Action WRPGs next year, I find I don't care as much for Mass Effect as I once did. Demon Souls has totally wiped the Mass Effect craving clean of the map for me.

Maybe it's because I'm more a Sword, axe, bow&arrow melee type rather than a pew pew pew type gamer but still, Mass Effect doesn't seem so alluring to me anymore. I'd guess EA would have to really make it the PS3's base's while and do something really good with the PS3 version cause, heck, I and most PS3 gamers can hardly keep up with exclusives we want to experience talk less of those few really hot multiplat gems that just can't be missed and if ME doesn't do something really good, many PS3 gamers will likely put it on their back burner rental list next year.

ActionBastard3297d ago

I'll probably still be trying to beat Demon's Souls or playing 3D Dot to give a sh!t about ME or ME2. If they come to PS3, cool. If not, cool.

chaosatom3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I'll just wait for the official news but it does look likely.

NewZealander3297d ago

it will probably have a story at the start to fill ps3 owners in on what they missed, and you can create a character with a questionair that tailors them to what they should be if they had played the last game, its no big deal if you haven't played the first game.

its a shame it probably wont stay 360 exclusive, but thats the way things go, especially when EA is involved, so no surprises there.

OhNoez3297d ago

they should port the first game, then release sequel on PS3

slayorofgods3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

EA wants all their games to be multi platform. Sure it'll come off as a huge steal for the PS3, but the huge steal all started the moment Bioware was bought out by EA.

As far as being multi platform; EA is a successful enough company and doesn't need MS payouts the way Bioware did. I also suspect that EA is stable enough to not flinch when MS shouts out buyout threats (I know it happened once already). They are going to be their own company so get used to it.

fishd3297d ago

Superior PC version for teh win!

MadBoJangles3297d ago

Unless they release both the 1st and 2nd on PS3, I will be buying it on 360. Mainly so I can transfer my character over to the 2nd game.

PS3 is my current flavour of the month, but I can't see the attraction for anyone who has played the 1st on 360 to just buy the 2nd on PS3?

Alvadr3297d ago

It deleted my saves when I removed the installed game from the HD to free up space. I just wanted to remove the install!!! not everything!!! Stupid system.

Was so pi**ed.. so I will deff get the PS3 version if it comes.

Tony P3297d ago

Would not be at all surprised if it's true. EA have never officially come out to say anything about it not coming to PS3. For all their nuanced talk that it's definitely coming to PC and 360, they have nothing firm to say about PS3 possibilities. I'm sure that must mean the idea isn't exactly anathema or maybe they were in talks to decide just that. Hopefully Monday brings some definitive clarification. Kinda tired of "rumors" about ME2. Just say yes or no already.

MiloGarret3297d ago

Actually yeah, Bioware have been extremely clear that Mass Effect is a trilogy in which all games have to be played to fully grasp the game and story, so yeah Bioware is actually constructing Mass Effect 2 around the idea that the player already finished Mass Effect 1. On the other side, EA's ambitions are likely not as profound, so i guess it's possible for Mass Effect 2 to make the jump. However, personally I find it more credible that both Mass Effect 1 & 2 are released together on a giant blu-ray, I guess. I seriously doubt that just ME2 would be ported...

Doesn't concern me, I played ME on my 360 and I'll play ME2 on my 360.

SCThor3297d ago

I don't want my console die on me while I'm playing it, so I'll get it in the other console.

divideby03297d ago

L4D = Most overrated GOTY...wont buy the 2nd one for the PS3...after buying the first regardless of what console its on

zeeshan3297d ago

They can explain what happened in the first game using cut scenes or a CGI Story. Then they can give you an option to customize your character. Basically, there are many ways to take care of this issue.

DeadlyFire3297d ago

They could throw ME 1 and 2 on the same disc. Remember Xbox 360 uses DVDs(About 8 GB per disc) and PS3 has Blu-Ray discs(About 25 or 50 GB per disc). It could fit on there pretty well. I was expecting EA to make this announcement of ME 2 coming, but I guess they decided to wait until 2010 to say for certain of it coming to PS3.

ShadowCK3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Let's get something straight here my fellow PS3 Fanboys, Mass Effect 2 will NEVER be on the Playstation 3. Look at the site's name that is reporting this, its name basically confirms it is not reliable.

Secondly, Microsoft still has some control over the Mass Effect series, this is evident by the fact they not EA released the Mass Effect: 2-Disc Edition. Remember, Bioware signed a deal with Microsoft for Exclusivity to the 360 for the Mass Effect Trilogy; EA having bought Bioware is now bound by that agreement. It doesn't go away because EA owns Bioware since Bioware still exists in name.

The likelyhood of it going to the PS3 is slim and almost nil in the current market. You have to remember, it is not a simple "Copy + Paste" to another format in this generation. It costs money to release it on many systems, and you need to have balance, is the Mass Effect audience big enough to support a move to the PS3? Will it generate more sales of the game? What would Sony want if anything to allow it on the PS3?

There are a lot of risks involved in many an established series Multiplatform, it is not just a simple thing. You must remember, making two different version of the game requires with you dealing with a lot more work and more work costs more money. You'll have to deal with other companies you do business with believe it or not, such a move could COST EA a lot of money in the future.

Also, In the official press releases, they mention all platforms the game is coming to. The absence of PS3 in the Mass Effect 2’s official announcement means that it is currently, in no tangible sense, being planned for a PS3 release. If it was, that would have been in the announcement.

morganfell3297d ago

EA is not going to throw away the profit they could get by bringing ME 1 to the PS3. I believe we will see that appear on the PS3, in the definitive version, before ME2 comes to the PS3.

thesummerofgeorge3297d ago

I would be very happy if I didn't have to play ME2 on my laptop. I think this would be very bad news for Microsoft though, they really need all the exclusive big name games they can get, this is not the time to be losing exclusivity to their bread n butter titles.

mdt hunter3296d ago

nothing will surprise me
after all those surprises in this gen i don't believe in third party exclusives

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Bumpmapping3297d ago

PS3 it only takes sh!t box last good games....

N4G king3297d ago

all those "typos" says one thing
this game is coming to the PS3

skeletonss3297d ago

your argument is A LITTLE bit closer. but a little more proof untill i admit defeat and tell you you were right..

Sunny_D3297d ago

Ok, I was wrong in the other article, it IS coming. I believe you Bumpmapping. :)

54percent3297d ago

Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu- bu-bu-bu-but teh excluuuuziveee!!111

MGSR THE HD VERSION3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

bu-bu-bu-bu-but nothing.

id wait for an official statement.

edit, are you guys that desperate for an other crappy 360 to ps3 port?

Xlll3297d ago

"bu-bu-bu-bu-but nothing.

id wait for an official statement.

edit, are you guys that desperate for an other crappy 360 to ps3 port?"

Even if this is not true we can still play it on a PC. lol So much for exclusives on the fail box eh?

Foliage3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

"edit, are you guys that desperate for an other crappy 360 to ps3 port?"

MGSR I really don't understand you. First off your username suggests you are a PS3 fan, seeing as that is where you would find the HD version of MGSR, but you are obviously an xbot. Now you make another comment against the crappy 360. You are right, any 360 game is crap in comparison to PS3 games. So to answer your question: no, PS3 fans are not desperate for a crappy 360 game. There are about 20 better games already coming to the PS3, this is just icing on the cake. I do know one thing for sure, 360 fans are desperate for any game right about now. The last big game on the 360 just scored 7/10 on a xbot fansite. That's sad.

GUNS N SWORDS3297d ago

"The last big game on the 360 just scored 7/10 on a xbot fansite. That's sad."

you mean forza3?

TheXgamerLive3296d ago

You know it;s never coming to the wannabe ps3 console, stop stop looking like fools and it does not list it as a ps3, sad lil girls you are.

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LordMarius3297d ago

Im still not a believer of ever seeing this series on the PS3, as long as MS has money, I dont see this happening

N4G king3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

"as long as MS has money"

i dont think MS gives a sh1t about this game
because if they do
they would buy the IP just like they did with halo and GeOW

IdleLeeSiuLung3297d ago

Actually, I think the Bioware/ME situation is just like GeoW. The publisher/developer owns the ip, but the first 3 games (trilogy) is exclusive due to MS funding.

If you notice, the 1st ME was published by MS and so are both the GeoW gaems!

Although, there are a lot of rumours, I think the likely-hood of it coming to PS3 is slim. People kept having rumours of GeoW series appearing on the PS3 as well. So far that hasn't happened.

cereal_killa3297d ago

N4g King I don't think M$ owns the Gears IP Halo yes but not Gears it's own by Epic, Epic only has a 2 game Deal with the Gears franchise so Gears 3 is open for multi-plat if Epic chooses to.

N4G king3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

im not sure about gears but as far as i know
MS owns something in Gears
maybe some numbered games

"Actually, I think the Bioware/ME situation is just like GeoW."

EPIC is privet and MS did pay money towards gears of war
while bioware is owned by EA which makes most of its money of the PS3
now why would EA have such a big game and keep it to one console while it can cross it over and make double the money ??

calis3297d ago

Tecmo proved exclusive deals can be broken/loopholed.

Gears of War Sigma
Mass Effect Sigma

slayorofgods3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Microsoft only owns publishing rights to the first Mass Effect game, they do not own publishing rights to the name "Mass Effect" so any sequels are a free for all.

Microsoft does own publishing rights to the name "GeOW" as well as the 2 game deal, so GeOW 3 is likely to be a 360 exclusive.

However loopholes are always possible, and also risky.

beardpapa3297d ago

An ME2 coming to the PS3 may be slim, but if it does, it'll be good for PS3 owners to enjoy another fine RPG into their lineup. And it doesn't matter if they never played ME1 and don't know about the story. Bioware can just put a history lesson during the intro scene or whatnot about the events that happened in ME1. May not be great, but it's a workaround.

bjornbear3297d ago

I still believe they'll make ME1 available for PS3...I think they should.

Either way! I hope its true!! Only game i'd really get a 360 for...if it comes out there'll be NO reason at all =D

But if it comes year is going to be an even POORER year for me =(!!!!!

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sabestar3297d ago

Wow, can it be 2 places committing the same mistake at the same time?

I would really be thrilled if mass effect makes it to ps3

Mc Fadge3297d ago

Because EA is making the game

life doomer3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Report history:

"Lame: (11 minutes ago)
They are russians."

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STICKzophrenic3297d ago

I saw all the lols and I planned to do lmao...curse you!

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darkmurder3297d ago

All aboard the lol train. lol

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