Burn 360 : Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Quick Review

With Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 coming out within the next month, its absolutely insane to drop a military FPS into the mix right before, isn't it? Well Codemasters didn't think so with their recent release of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, and I can see why. I have described it as the anti COD shooter, because of its emphasis on realism and teamwork rather than the fast paced action of the Call of Duty series. For many reasons Operation Flashpoint Wins in my book, despite some

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vadas3292d ago

why this news is in the call of duty channel i why is it a review for call of duty

Dampsack3292d ago

Im really diggin' this game right now. Something refreshingly different from the 'hollywood' blast fests like the COD series. Consoles need more games like this. A good start.

FanboyAttack3289d ago

Yeah I definitely been enjoying the game. Damn Brutal Legend has kept me away though.. Time to get back on that campaign.