The PALGN Podcast, Episode 66

PALGN writes: "This week, in Episode 66 of the PALGN Podcast, Anthony, James, Michael and Jahanzeb discuss recent video game news, recount their hands-on time with titles that have yet to be released and predict what may end up being PALGN's game of the year. First up, James reports back from a Forza Motorsport 3 press event, and Michael offers his opinion on Bayonetta and Borderlands from the floor of Gen Con. In our news round-up, we reflect on the boycott of the PSPgo by certain retailers and Left 4 Dead 2's troubles with the Classification Board. Finally, the discussion on the contenders for game of the year ends with our podcasters arriving at a unanimous decision (you'll have to listen to find out which game we picked). Episode 66 comes in at approximately 40 minutes."

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