Xbox 360 Chatpad hands on

GamingNexus got a chance to check out Microsoft's new Chatpad add on for the Xbox 360. They cover the weight of the unit, the feel of the buttons, and have several new pictures of the device.

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PS360WII4258d ago

Bring on the MMORPG's now!

God of Gaming4258d ago

This will make the MSN feature 100 Times better. The USB keyboard is bulky to use in a pinch.

gta_cb4258d ago

this does look good, not to sure if i am going to rush out and buy it or not.... its just i havnt used MSN THAT much on the Xbox 360 as when you have that little see thru black box up you cant move your player or anything in a game, if they managed to change this then i would deff use it more. also having to move my keyboard onto my lap to type etc is annoying so i am going to welcome this lol. but not sure if i am going to rush out and buy it.

gta_cb4258d ago

one thing i REALLY want to know about is the freakin mic situation, someone has said you wont be able to use our current headsets, but we are going to get one with this device, great if we are as we can use our current mics on the other controller if we want to do split online. but i havnt heard anything on the internet about the mic situation and deffinatly havnt seen a different mic (in picture format)

i have attached a pic from the story, and was woundering what you guys thought the whole is for?

reaperxciv4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

it sure looks like an orifice suited for the jack of a plantronix (the $29.99 model) headset IMO.

btw, i got the xbox360 wireless receiver for the pc & this sure would come in handy.I wonder if the CHATPAD could be used in conjunction with wordpad or notepad?

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The story is too old to be commented.