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Sunny_D3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

No way that's a mistake? Or is it? Well, it even has the new PS3 logo, it's a secret that Insomniac Games are hiding? There's no events to announce Resistance 3, and it can't be released 2009. Sooo, really early planning?

They even have New York in the background of the words. GASP! A sandbox first person shooter!

kalebgray923297d ago

gas is cheap there.... way more expensive in la

kissmeimgreek3297d ago

this is fake. i bet this is the same person who photoshot those Geow ads into bus stops and on billboards. no developer would announce a game like this

FlipMode3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

All I know is that people said the PS3 Slim pics from Neogaf forums were fake and photoshoppped too.

Certainly falls in with Insomniacs schedule of releasing games.

The real killer3297d ago

O hope this is not a joke, but Res: 2 was a good game with a good story.
Fingers cross...............

kingOVsticks3297d ago

but regardless I look forward to R3 to come out. IMO I hope insomiac really makes some changes from the last one,sure it was a blast online and the single player was alot of fun but the co cop campaign was kind of weak and the giant scripted bosses could have been better. Maybe add a few new modes in the multi player and a graphics boost wouldn't hurt either :)

Christopher3297d ago

First Gears 3, now Resistance 3.

I love the Internet for many things, but I really hate it for this crap.

Blaze9293297d ago

after Resistance 2, can't honestly say that I'm excited at the idea of a 3rd one.

Darkstorn3297d ago

I didn't like Resistance 2 that much. The first one was considerably better, in my opinion - it had tons of stuff going for it. In the sequel, by contrast, you walked too slow, the guns didn't feel powerful, and the graphics were crappy (disagree away...)

calis3297d ago

"Certainly falls in with Insomniacs schedule of releasing games."

Probably why it was created. It makes it believable because we know it is coming.

N4G king3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

R1 and 2 were just cooking things up
just like the first uncharted
just like the old R&C's

I got a feeling that this one would be epic

just used killzone 2 engine
put on large scale MP maps
and that's it


maybe its true after all

heroicjanitor3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

First one was a lot better though, if only for the feel of the weapons and the split screen coop.

MAR-TYR-DOM3297d ago

Although i think this billboard is photoshopped
Only a FOOL would think Resistance 3 is not coming. Insomniac is working on it right now, around e3 2010 we'll here about it and play the game fall 2010. It part of there development cycle. They alternate between resistance and ratchet every year.

WenisWagon3297d ago

I can make better fakes in Microsoft Paint

Xbox Avatars Shoe3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I just bought R: FoM early today because I love it so much. I've beat it well over 20 times solo and co-op and a long time ago It's still incredibly fun! I traded in ODST and bought R: FoM with the money.

Resistance 3 very well could come out next year since Insomniac releases one big game per year and they've switched between R&C and Resistance.

2006: R: FoM
2007: R&CF:ToD
2008: R2
2009: R&CF: ACiT
2010: R3?

That being said, this billboard seems fake.

Obelisk923297d ago

It looks pretty real!

I didn't liked R2, but if this is gonna take place in New York (The Statue of Liberty), it has its appeal.

Alvadr3297d ago

Something seems fishy about this...

First of all, why would they put up cheap looking billboards to announce a major game?

Also something has been blacked out just underneath the logo if you look carefully.

Im calling total BS

bnaked3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

100% photoshopped.

DRUDOG3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Sounds cool if the producers/director wanted to include the Resistance brand name into a movie about battling invading aliens. I'd never heard of the film before this.

princejb1343296d ago

r3 sounds good
but im looking forward to a new ip
or a return of a previous ip
not much of a resistance fan but i love ratchet and clank
pls make a new ip
your games are awesome

TheDude2dot03296d ago

That's one messed up billboard

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LordMarius3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Resistance 3 in New York
dont ruin this Insomniac, I didnt like R2 cuz they took out some features from R1, hopefully they learn

Excited, another exclusive OH YEAH

If it is fake, R3 is still coming anyways

The real killer3297d ago

Mabey Res:3 will looks even better with better gameplay experiend then part 2 if the game will come.

Darkseider3297d ago

Neogaf folks like to have fun with doctored pics and suckers that swallow them so I will take this with a grain of salt. If it is true then NY it is and that would just be awesome.

pixelsword3297d ago

1. The story led everyone to believe the next one would be in Australia; and if it starts off where it left off, it will start in Mexico

2. Why would two games span over two countries and now one game in one City?

sikbeta3297d ago

must be fake, it's too early for R3, with the PS3 Slim current games will start too sell better and of course the Platinum/Greatest hits

Noctis Aftermath3297d ago

Well if it's real it could be, you know, just a prop that gets some time on screen while the characters in the movie are arguing.
The movie itself will have nothing to do with the game.

Now was that so hard?

mythamp3297d ago

I can assure you it is a complete fake, its my job to differentiate/create fake items as close to realism as possible. He only used Photoshop to do it, just made few adjustments like the liberty instead of the bridge, also if you remember the color of the writing in Resistance was whitish, while 2 was more warmer colors, 3 should be expected to be of a different color as well. I dont know why anyone would do this, waste our valuable time to ponder, only thing i am gonna say to the creator is this, "i kill you" (*eyebrows up)

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Dom63903297d ago

Fake or real! only time will tell.

Dellis3297d ago

I believe is part of a Movie that will be announced soon, that area is all about movies( in fact one is being done right there )

Soon they will announce the Resistance Movie for 2011 and Resistance 3 for 2010