Giant Bomb: Quick Look: Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls is an action-RPG developed by From Software. It has quickly become popular within hardcore circles for its relentlessly steep difficulty level and unique multiplayer.

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scheme_a4209d ago

Too bad these guys aren't as enthusiastic about it as other sites.

Raoh4209d ago

RPG's in general aren't for everyone, especially hard ones that don't hold your hand through the game..

I accept that most people don't enjoy certain games the way i do.

Ichiryoka4209d ago

This guy has no idea what hes talking about. HE is soooooooo clueless to how much content is in this game lol.

And he sucks, I mean common sense would tell you to heal if you are low on health this fool walking around like hes superman or something.

Omg I hate it when people suck at games and act like the games sucks because they cant play it.

From Ace Ventura himself,

"Looooooooouuuuuuserrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Baba19064208d ago

i love this game so much =D. there is nothing better than beating a part of a lvl. even if it just is a lever that opened a door somewhere. amazing.