What lies ahead for the PS3

Will the release of PS3 exclusive fall releases be enough for the console's second chance at first place?

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Genesis53477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Well playing Demon's Souls right now. Uncharted 2 after that and then Ratchet and Clank. 1st place? Little busy to think about that right now.

The Wii has first place right now but what are they playing?

UnSelf3477d ago

Wii would like to pray

leeger3477d ago

by 2010 the PS3 kick off with MAG. Then there are Heavy Rain, GOW3, WKC, GT5, Modnation racers, The Last Guardian, Insomniac's next game, Agent, The Agency, DC Universe Online, FFvsXIII, PS3 Motion Controlled games, and many more the future looks bright for PS3 owners. How i remember when many people are saying that the PS3 is doomed.

presto7173476d ago

Gotta love PlayStation.

BadboyCivic3603476d ago

Wii are playing wii tennis...but dont worry PS3 slim is on my Holiday wish list...

3476d ago
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whitesoxfalife3477d ago

yea the wii can have first place cuz its not about them its about xbox/ps3 if its gonna be that ten year cycle then maybe but if not then no........ thas is not the question but the question is who is gonna make a new console first---- who ever jump first is the loser of this generation in my opinion

whitesoxfalife3477d ago

this not including the Wii cuz the Wii is a casual gamer console the introduction to gaming if i may say

jhooty143477d ago

wii is for girls that dont do hardcore games like modern warfare and uncharted or halo and for 12 and under people

call me sexiest

make me a sandwich

UnSelf3477d ago

i will not call you the sexiest you sexist

lovestruck063476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

and the reason why alotta girls suck at video games isnt cuz they cant do it its cuz theyre programmed to stop us men from playing them. girls could pwn at call of duty its just they dont want too, the hills is more interesting,or gossiping about whos pragnant and whos a slut lol. im still waiting for a girlto come along that pwns me at video games and wants to play them. and likes ufc. and its only sexist if u say all girls cuz that would be a lie.....

frugalfrak3477d ago

Thats a good question. Wii owners should ask themselves that, lol! I agree with you soxfan, the first one to jump ship on this gen will most likely fail.

chrisulloa3477d ago

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda, Metroid Prime, Punch-Out, Okami, Boom Blox, Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Zack and Wiki, a couple of WiiWare games (Which are actually pretty good). Pretty casual, but it's good for the kids and older people (and girls) haha.

swiftshot933477d ago

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (over a year old lol)
Super Mario Galaxy (came out 2007)
Legend of Zelda (launch game? LOL)
Metroid Prime (again 2007? Amazing game though)
Punch-Out (sure...)
Okami (lol port of a 4 year old game with waggle)
Boom Blox (huh?)
Wii Fit (*ahem* comment)
Wii Sports (lol another launch game)
Zack and Wiki (how old is this one?)

Microsoft Xbox 3603476d ago

That's a sad list of games to play this fall considering they're all launch and more than a year old games.

TheTeam063476d ago

Yeah, those are fine games, but judging by how old and (some) average those games are, it really says something.

When someone mentions playing Wii Sports (2006), Legend of Zelda (2006) and Super Mario Galaxy (2007), it's just fine.

If a PS3 Owners were to say they are playing Resistance: Fall of Man (2006), MotorStorm (2007) and Super Rub-A-Dub (2006), all hell would break loose. It goes to show how much we give the Wii the benefit of the doubt:

"It looks pretty good, for a Wii game"
"It's pretty mature, for a Wii game"
"The controls are pretty easy, for a Wii game"

Nikuma3476d ago

I think the only Wii game I'm interested in playing since Zelda will be Monster Hunter 3.

Lavalamp3476d ago

I think the only competent game that will grace the Wii will be Tales of Graces(see what I did there?). But lets be realistic. Tales of Graces, like every other mother ship title in the Tales series, will be ported to another (much more competent) console a year later but with added content and fixed technical issues. Hey Wii owners, thanks for beta testing Tales of Graces for us.

lovestruck063476d ago

demon's is like zelda but more manly.....gamers around the world are throwing there controllers at the wall after they have to complete a whole level again cuz the accccidently rolled off a ledge to theyre death or forget to heal themselves and died. completeing this game is gunna take me a year lol:p good thing im single lol

if u have a gf that u want to keep stop playing this game lol this game demands ur soul lol

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Spike473476d ago

So what lies ahead of the PS3 is pure awesomeness, no matter what the sales of such title is, or what the sales of the other unreliable heavy marketed console is.

3476d ago
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