Sony gets a little love

USA Today releases its "25 Years of Eureaka Moments" list for TECH today and Sony is in there at number 7 for ... lithium batteries. Specifically they get mention as the company that first brought them to consumer electronics in 1991. Nice to see some props for Sony's willingness to push the tech edge given recent lithium battery problems. Four of the other Top 10 now use the lithium battery tech as well.

Though SONY is not specifically mentioned in connection to DVD technology (ranked #4) they were very much involved in getting that technology out to the consumer masses as well.

Sony pushing the expensive end of consumer tech that eventually gets widely adopted...imagine that.

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pilotpistolpete4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

1. cellphones: yes that does belong on the list. While it probably accounts for major part of car accidents, cellphones have make talking on the go possible.

2. Laptop computers: Ok, pretty nifty inventions. But its more of a compact computer and not really a eureka moment. I am sure that compressing the size of pc components took many mini-eurekas though.

3. Blackberry: How can this make the list? Its like combining #1 and #2, but no one owning one. Its a pretty nifty invention, but 99.9% of people can live without it. Who wrote this list?

4. Debit Cards: Thats one thing I use all the time. Other that for illicit drug purchases, I never carry cash on me now.

5. Caller ID: Again, while useful, I wouldn't consider it to be that great. Other than avoiding calls from my Mom when I am wasted, and acting as answering machine, its not all that great.

6.DVD's: ah yes, no more rewinding. While I would probably credit the cd's as being the first digital media, dvd's were great.

7. Lithium Batteries: Good old rechargeable, where would we be without you. While the list is being unfair, as there are many other formats that are rechargeable, lithium just caught on. But great invention for Sony (the whole point of this linked article).

8.Ipods: Ok, I gotta say that while Ipods caught on mainstream, I wouldn't consider them a "eureka moment". Its just an mp3 player than caught on. I would of listed any generic mp3 player.

9. Pay at the Pump: This is one of the first entries that I know the writer was thinking "I should of make it a shorter list". I used it once and found it better to just take 2 seconds and go inside to pay. This is one of the reasons why everyone is so fat. "Oh, i don;t have to walk 20 feet, i can pay right here! Maybe I'll go to a McDonald's Drive- through with all the time I am saving".

10. Lettuce in a bag: No, I'm not kidding, this is actually on the list. I feel like c*ckslapping the author right now.

11.Digital cameras: Yes, that one I agree on. There's nothing more humiliating that picking up those "weekend with the girlfriend" pictures at the developers and having the cashier give you the "wink an gun".

12.Doppler Radar: Ok, again nifty thing. But it has way more applications that weather networks showing their crappy graphics. We all know that after a day or so, weather predictions are as reliable as Mrs. Cleo.

13. Flat Panel Tvs: It would been nice to know weither plasma or lcd's since their are in themselves their own eurekas, but regardless, they will find there way in many homes soon.

14.Electronic tolls: Again, a good c*ckslap would be required here. Of 25 things on the top of my head that I would consider Eukeras, this is not one of them, nor anyones for that matter.

15. PowerPoint: Again, like the Ipod, its more a a specific brand. There are many programs that can do what powerpoint can, if not better.

16.Microwavable popcorn: Wow, the author must really be running out of ideas here. Mabe you should of made it "top 5 things that i can randomly thing of".

17. Hightech Footware: What in god's name are these. Can they vaccuum the floor for me?

18.Online stock trading: Can;t really comment on this one, never got into that, but it was gotten some people rich.

19. Big Bertha Golf Clubs. Wow...just wow. In 25 years of achievements, I'm sure the technological advances in golf made everyone's life better.

20.Disposable contacts: Yes! I do use them and they are great. Finally an entry I can relate to.

21. Stairmaster. My member is gonna get blue from all the slapping its metaphically been doing. Awful creation.

22.Tivo: ok, I'm not gonna get On Tivo's case, but c'mon now! If you can;t live without Tivo, then you probably shouldn't be living at all.

23.Purell: Thank you Purell for sanitizing every hand. If ever you read/listen or saw War of the Worlds, you know how the world will end. Thank you again Purell, for killing humanity with your lowered immunization methods.

24.Home satellite TV: Good product, but cable tv offers just as much now and its been around for more than 25 years. But I can watch my tv when it rains outside.

25. Karaoke: Maybe the last entry should of been anal rape, since its about the same feeling as listening to someone karaoke.

Babylonian4478d ago

HAHAHAHAhahahahaha............ .oww sh!t you cracked me up, that was funny man. Like a dying man sitting in a hospital and the doctor coming in to say he has some good news and some bad, where the dying man answer "well tell me the good news first" to which the doctor replies "well the good news is that you have another 6 months to live..........the bad news is that I should have told you a half year ago.....hahahahahaha.

But it's true the author had some really wacky stuff he considered eureka moment. He must have been on crack or something.