Game Revolution: Inner Party Podcast 080

Game Revolution writes: "Colin comes by with some home-brewed beer to make himself seem like less of a freeloader. Nick freaks out on another JRPG. Everyone gets down to bidness in Saint's Row 2. Blake takes on super-villains and Dissidia in one fell swoop. What's the deal with the new Kingdom Hearts game? Duke and Blake turn the beats up on DJ Hero. Dave gets into Mario and Luigi 3. In the news: The Tokyo game show sucks?!?! We take a look at what little did happen and why the Japanese game market might be dead. Capcom slaps everyone who bought Street Fighter IV in the face with Super Street Fighter IV. We all give a collective "WTF?" OnLive: How will it work? Is it all a scam? Blockbuster and Game Crazy take a nose dive. The PSP Go still has no way for you to transfer your UMD games to a digital format. Alpha Protocol gets booted to 2010."

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