Rumor: Mass Effect 2 Bound to PS3

With no confirmation whatsoever from Bioware, GAME, a major game retailer from Australia has a listing for Mass Effect 2 for the PlayStation 3...

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tdrules3483d ago

not before the first comes out on ps3.
i couldnt wait for it to be released it on ps3 so i got it on pc, i think i made the right choice.
to any ps3 only gamer, get this game if you love shooter RPGS but the shooting more than the actual RPG part.

i got it cos i love KOTOR :3

XxSolid SnakexX3483d ago

That the first one and the second will be on one blu ray disc since blu ray is so big they can obviously fit it which would be great for us gamers.

Elven63483d ago

I think they would rather release them desperately to make more money, it's not like the first game will be ported for free, also factoring in the second game which would have its own budget.

ReservoirDog3163483d ago

It wouldn't work well unless the first came out with it. I mean, it would work but it wouldn't have the "carry the character over" thing that the 360 version has.

Plus, this isn't the first time this has happened. I doubt it's true.

droid and bot3483d ago

you see .... this is why Microsoft needs more 1st party developers

Deputydon3483d ago

I couldn't possible careless about it coming to PS3. This is a prime example of a game best played on PC. This and any Valve game of course.

Chubear3483d ago

Look, you can get ME1 on the 360 right now for 20bucks. By Christmas next year (which is likely when ME may come out for the PS3) you could get ME1 for $5-7. Nobody in their right minds would go buy a ME PS3 version for $30-60. No way on earth.

If EA did that they'll likely potentially lose revenue cause people will automatically feel they can't get ME2 b4 they play ME1. The value of ME1 a year from now will essentially be 5bucks.

EA will package ME1 & ME2 on one disc to lure in PS3 owners to the game. This has way better potential to make sure you reap in sales. Two games for the price of one during Christmas when the economy will likely the better? Yeah, it's seems like very plain common sense to me.

DevastationEve3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

It's technically possible on PS3, but they'll have less system memory to work with and a substantially weaker GPU. So the Mass Effect we know won't be what makes it over to PS3, let alone the marvelous work they're pulling off for Mass Effect 2.

There will be compromises...

edit: it's true, PS3 and Xbox 360 are very different systems. There are very few multiplatform engines that perform well with both consoles. It's true that Mass Effect is UE3 based, and UE3 can be done on PS3. But the work that EA has done with Mass Effect doesn't include ANY sort of optimization for PS3. ***AS IT IS*** Mass Effect 1 and 2 would suffer from a port to PS3, just as Bioshock and Unreal 3 did.

They'd have to work on the PS3 version a lot more to get it right. It would be a whole investment that wouldn't pay off since to get the full experience you need the original. And they'd be out of their mind to make you buy the first one @ $60 for being a port of a 2 year old game.

Well, @ the disagrees prove to me where I'm wrong.

(silence fills the room and ps3 fanboys disappear into the shadows)

Yeah, thought so.

Chubear3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

O.O *looks at MGS4, GT5, Killzone2, Uncharted2*... ROTFLMFAO, HAAAAAAAAAA! *wipes off tears of laughter* ahhh, priceless XD

droid and bot3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

@ disagrees in 1.4

@ 1.7

"It's technically possible on PS3, but they'll have less system memory to work with and a substantially weaker GPU."

nice stealth trolling
but its the same thing when it comes to PC/xbox360
the 360 got weaker GPU and less memory than PC

and there is TONS of multi plats that's on PC/360/PS3

edit again @1.7
"It's true that Mass Effect is UE3 based, and UE3 can be done on PS3."

UE3 and runs better on the PS3
there you've said it your self

calis3483d ago

"Nobody in their right minds would go buy a ME PS3 version for $30-60. No way on earth. "

Except for people who, you know, might not have a 360

DevastationEve3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

...those games are exclusives. My point EXACTLY! Mass Effect pushes unbelievable graphics even today with the original being almost 2 years old.

It's scope and sheer ambition alone have remained unmatched, even by the approaching 2010 exclusives on PS3. Mass Effect 2 will easily be a GotY contender next year.

And that includes graphics...

edit @ the disagrees

Well disagree all you wan't, Mass Effect the original already beats Heavy's hard to accept, I know.

Chubear3483d ago

lol, I'm not going to respond anymore to this topic in regards to what you just said cause I just don't want to be tempted but you should know, ME1 is coming out on the PS3 with the same Upgrade found in ME2 in general graphical looks, texturing, lighting, glaringly obvious smoother framerate and no texture pop-ins.

I will leave it at this but I must say, I will indeed enjoy the tears in due time; I will smear myself in them.

evrfighter3483d ago

this has got to be the 10th ME2 rumor.

really shows how bad PS3 fans want this. Just get it for the pc. On your imaginary gaming pc's.

poindat3483d ago

This is just as bad as all of the people shouting that MGS4 was going to come to the 360.

Some of you guys just need to face the reality that not every exclusive becomes multi-platform. Just because it happens to a few games, doesn't mean it happens to all of them. Get over it.

And in case my post didn't explain, no, I very very very much doubt that the Mass Effect series will ever see a PS3 release.

DevastationEve3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I won't get into it either, just leave it as is. Mass Effect ***as we know it*** will suffer from being ported over to PS3 ***as is***

It will need to be optimized for the standard shader array of the RSX and for the specialized SPEs of the CellBE.

edit @ MGSR

Actually, lol...we HAVE seen MGS go multiplatform! Damn...(looks out the window for flying pigs...sees cops being thrown from

deadreckoning6663483d ago

..Bioware would NEVER shoot down the idea in interviews

RememberThe3573483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

HAHAHAHAHA Are you f*cking kidding me?! That was the only bad part of the game! HAHAHAHA

Anyway, I don't think it's going to happen. It's probably just a mistake. Just like when Ubisoft listed Conviction as coming to the PS3.

Don't get me wrong, I love Mass Effect (one of the best best new IP's this gen). But I don't think it's going to happen.

@1.19: Touche...

StanLee3483d ago

Just realised this is the same GAME that listed Left 4 Dead PS3 last November. Probably just a mistake.


we'll see MGS going multiplat before we'll see a ps3 mass effect.

7ero H3LL3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

i don't think it's worth it.

i mean we've already seen how ps3 to 360 porting is so much better than vice versa, if EA does this they're going to end up with more unhappy customers.....and food for more 360 vs ps3ports debates.

mal_tez923483d ago

I played the first one on PC, but playing on the Playstation would be good too.

droid and bot3483d ago

MGS has been a multiplat since 1987

Metal Gear Solid: Rising (X360, PS3, PC, TBA)
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP, 2010)
Metal Gear Solid Touch (iPod Touch, iPhone, 2009)
Metal Gear Online (PS3, 2008)
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3, 2008)
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus (PSP, 2007)
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (PSP, 2006)
Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel (PSP, 2006)
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (PS2, 2005)
Metal Gear Acid 2 (PSP, 2005)
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2, 2004)
Metal Gear Acid (PSP, 2004)
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (GCN, 2004)
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (XB, PS2, PC, 2002)
The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2, 2002)
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2, 2001)
Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (GBC, 2000)
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions (PS, 1999)
Metal Gear Solid: Integral (PS, PC, 1999)
Metal Gear Solid (PS, 1998)
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MSX2, 1990)
Metal Gear (MSX2, 1987)

Ares84PS33483d ago

Dead Rising 1 is Xbox 360 exclusive not comming to PS3

Dead Rising 2 is comming to PS3 as well.

So there goes the theory.

kalebgray923483d ago

me1 will probably come out in nov.... they have some experience on the ps3 now because of dragon age orgins

Mr Logic3483d ago

I won't get into it either, just leave it as is. Mass Effect ***as we know it*** will suffer from being ported over to PS3 ***as is***

I'm not disagreeing with you, but that statement fits for any game being ported from one system to another. Without optimization ports suffer.

zeeshan3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I am pretty sure that if ME does come to PS3, it'll have addition content compared to what it was in 360. We have seen it before. The most recent examples being Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Star Ocean International. I guess SONY has made it mendatory for developers to add more content to the game if they have previously launched on 360. Now, that being the case, I don't see ME coming to Playstation 3 IF Bioware/EA do not want to work on the game first iteration and add extra content. But if they are up to the task, there is a damn good chance that it'll make its way to PS3 sooner or later.

Btw, the graphics of ME are NOT, I repeat they are NOT ground breaking!

NewZealander3483d ago

we all know you cant trust Australians :p

Willio3483d ago

regardless if the game is truly being released on PS3, they generate buzz and trick consumers to notice their store. As a result they might pre-order the "fake" to be dissapointed and then realize to order for the "real" version including the respective console.

slayorofgods3483d ago

Actually, The first Mass Effect is over rated. KOTOR is a better game if you like the shooter rpg style.

That set aside, EA's business strategy involves making nothing but multi-platform games and making them graphically identical on two consoles that are perfectly capable of displaying identical graphics (with the help of competent game developers). I'd be very surprised not to see Mass Effect make its way to the PS3. But I still think the game is over rated and would recommend one of the PS3's under rated games such as Demon's Souls over this game.

morganfell3483d ago

Ha ha ha, you can't compare a GPU on a console without considering the processor to which it is mated. The Cell is based designed in a similar fashion to a GPU. It crunches numbers like no one's business. It's why processes such as vertex lighting are child's play for the Cell. The Cell + RSX = best next gen graphics capability.

Besides, nothing can be worse than the low res textures in ME1. Or the world's slowest elevator.

No, what you will see early next year will be ME1 for the PS3 followed by an E3 blowout of ME2 announced for the PS3.

Christopher3483d ago

But, honestly, I'm not seeing it.

It's unlikely they'd put just one out on the PS3 without the first and it's unlikely they'd be able to keep working on porting the first to the PS3 and beginning dual-development on the second this long without it already being well known.

I gladly welcome all things BioWare on my PS3, so if it does eventually happen I'd get it. I'd like to know prior to the upcoming release if possible, since I do play multiplatform games on my PS3.

darkmurder3483d ago

@Newzealander, go back to humping your sheep.

thesummerofgeorge3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

A game that you can't possibly make that judgment about seeing as it has yet to be released? I don't agree with the way the word "fanboy" is thrown around at everyone with an opinion, but you define the word, you truly do. It's so blatant, it's embarrassing and you are in no danger of being taken seriously by anyone. You judge an entire game, an unreleased, unfinished game, based on what? Brief trailers? You're so very transparent, you troll every PS3 article, and make unfounded claims, and then have the audacity to call everyone and their mother a fanboy when they call you on your BS. I honestly can't comprehend how someone forms such an unhealthy attachment to a corporation, it's as disturbing as it is sad. Daddy issues anyone?

Ravage273483d ago

The framerates are fine(PC version) and the story is good, but i didn't enjoy the combat and the dialogue branches aren't as revolutionary as they claim. Graphics is really nothing to shout about honestly, the grainy effect does give off a unique look though.

For me at least,i wouldn't mind if ME2 is released w/o the first ME,but i'll need some reviews because there are tons of must-buy RPGs next year - Heavy Rain,WKC,FF13,Resonance of Fate,Alpha Protocol..etc..

BWS19823483d ago

completely nailed it my man, completely nailed's more saddening than we think, because he's not the only one (unless he's the uber-fanboy, with 18 accounts, aka Why Dis, aka POG, aka I Did not Murder Him, aka CoolIrisGB, aka idiot)...Geez, you'd think this would be boring, or, that gaming, if so superior on his/their god-like platform of choice, would supersede any other "hobbies", like trolling. Guess not.

I'd love for Mass Effect 1 & 2 to eventually make it, but ONLY if optimized to push the system, not be at all inferior but improved upon, and we KNOW it can happen. Exclusives prove that, shoddy ports are inexcusable at this stage (well they were at the beginning, seeing as how Naughty Dog and Insomniac and others mastered the console within the first year)...

vhero3483d ago

EA own the license NUFF SAID!

Persistantthug3482d ago

1. When questioned, neither Bioware nor EA have said "No, this is not coming to the PS3". And they've been questioned about this several times.

2. The greed of EA can not and SHOULD NOT EVER be underestimated.

ShadowCK3482d ago

Don't be surprised when BioWare shoots this rumor down yet again.

Anyone remember Mass Effect 2's press release? Ah, good times.

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DavidMacDougall3483d ago

With the price cut to the PS3 and an extra million (If not 2 by now) consoles out there they just might, i mean how many out of a million people would buy it on PS3?

ThatCanadianGuy3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

EA owns Bioware now..
And since EA makes more from from PS3 than 360..

Not to mention Bioware, for whatever reason, seem to like Playstation.
Back when Kotick was whining about PS3's price and threating to drop support Bioware was actually backing Sony up.

Then there's this.
"Speaking to, vice president of entertainment and miscellaneous at BioWare, and vice president of Electronic Arts, Greg Zeschuk, said that the team's found developing on the PS3 "exciting", and even has its advantages."

"Bioware Doesn't Deny PS3 Mass Effect"

Try to act surprised when they announce it coming to PS3 ;)

Chubear3483d ago

Gosh, such smooth pwnage.

Aclay3483d ago

"Mark my words
Never going to happen"

That's the same thing people (including me) said about the possibility of Final Fantasy XIII hitting the 360, and look what happened... If anything, this generation has proved that ANYTHING can go multiplat.

For now, I think that this is probably just a listing error on the website, but EA owns Bioware now and I think it's just a matter of time before the franchise hits the PS3.

StanLee3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I just don't understand it. If you only own a PS3, why get excited when year old ports are released on the system with never enough improvements or additions to warrant a $60 price tag. We've seen it now with games like Lost Planet, Bioshock and Ninga Gaiden 2. This cannot be acceptable. This is not something to be excited or brag about. If a PS3 Mass Effect 2 exists just release the game day and date with the XBox 360 version. As a multi-console owner, and there are many, I'm not buying the same game twice. It just doesn't make sense. When a previously exclusive PS3 title is released multiplatform it's usually day and date with the XBox 360 release; GTAIV, Assassins Creed, Mirror's Edge, Devil May Cry 4, Final Fantasy XIII, all released, or to be released, day and date with the XBox 360 release.

beardpapa3483d ago

I agree with you. There were PS games back in the day bound for the PS3, started from the PS brand, but they eventually became multiplatform. What's to say a game made on the Xbox platform won't go multiplat and join the PS3 family? A lot of things happened this generation so it's not entirely impossible for ME to appear on the PS3.

Sarcasm3483d ago

Just like FFXIII going to the 360 or Bioshock going to PS3 or an MGS game going to 360 or Ninja Gaiden going to PS3...

Why is it so hard to believe that ME2 "could" see a release on PS3 also?

It's already multiplatfrom on the 360 and PC.

I'm obviously not saying it will, but to rule it out completely is just foolish.

sunil3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Maybe this will be E3 2010 announcement for Sony... After being 1uped by Microsoft at E3 2008 (GTA4) & E3 2009(MSG:Rising), it will be interesting if Sony turned the tides and announced ME2 on the PS3 at E3 2010...

btw.. if that were to happen, we would know about it LONG before E3... seeing how well secrets are guarded at Sony :P /sacrasm

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Fishy Fingers3483d ago

Probably a simple mistake, the other Game sites dont have it listed. Let's be realistic, if (IF) Mass Effect ever came to the PS3 it would start with the first.

bjornbear3483d ago

if the two game in a single blu-ray for say, €90 or smt? doesn't sound improbable! I'd get it =D

RememberThe3573483d ago

Your always the voice of reason.

playstation1233483d ago

Because flopbox couldnt handle the game, so its being made a multiplat. Flopbox will beta test the game for 6 months, then we get it with better graphics,features,add ons and so on.

chaosatom3483d ago

Mass Effect 1, 2, 3 and 4. :)

AliTheBrit3483d ago

And when exactly has that happened before, ever?

No go on, amuse me.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3483d ago

Droids have been crying for this game for 5yrs and you all base these rumors from typos and saying things like "EA is multiplatform they don't do exclusives" even though they have made 9 360/PC exclusives this gen.

N4G king3483d ago

"they have made 9 360/PC exclusives this gen."

name them

JasonPC360PS3Wii3483d ago get those fingers a clickin stop by the Crysis, Left 4 Dead, Lord of the Rings, Battlefield, Need 4 Speed and C&C sections.


wxer3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

"Crysis, Left 4 Dead, Lord of the Rings, Battlefield, Need 4 Speed and C&C sections. "

Crysis not on 360
Left 4 Dead made by valve Distributoed by EA an steam
Lord of the Rings all of them are multiplats only like one or 2 are PC games
Battlefield multiplat
Need 4 Speed multiplat
C&C multiplat

.... PWNED

@ below
yah 360 fan boys are full of logic
just like the guy in 1.5 naming multiplats as exclusives

shutupandplay3483d ago

Hahaha. Once logic comes into the picture, the ps3 fanboys choke. (N4G King)

chaosatom3483d ago

You named 6, not 9 exclusives, lol.

Don't tell me that you count games on PC, as exclusives. LOL

54percent3483d ago

"Crysis, Left 4 Dead, Lord of the Rings, Battlefield, Need 4 Speed and C&C sections. "

Why jason keeps mentioning PC titles?

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kissmeimgreek3483d ago

i wouldnt get to excited about this even if it was true. EA has a bad track record with porting games to the ps3

Raf1k13483d ago

Sega still has trouble with ports. Take a look at the Bayonetta demo.
I'd prefer Bioware to do it themselves though I'm not too fussed since I'll be getting it for PC.

TheDeadMetalhead3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

That's assuming that EA would be the ones porting it. If Mass Effect 1 or 2 came to PS3, I think Bioware would port it (especially after what EA did to a CERTAIN OTHER GAME).