TouchGen: Dungeon Hunter Review

TouchGen writes: "Diablo, taste the word. Taste it! Dungeon Hunter does not claim to be a clone of Diablo but most of the game community has viewed it as such. So how does it fare when compared to the granddaddy of action RPG:s? Not too well actually. Dungeon Hunter falls short on its own merits, and it is sadly not only the game title that is uninspired and dull.

To me an action RPG should incorporate an epic story of good versus evil. This Dungeon Hunter manages to convey in the opening movie. I felt really pumped to get into the action, and kill that dark presence once and for all. So I choose a warrior to enter into Gothicus.(the most predictable name for a land in a fantasy game ever?) I got to choose zilch, nada, nothing for my hero. No stats to allocate, no powers, and no gear. I got this generic looking warrior to enter into the fray."

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