Reggie thinks the PSPgo may have a problem in terms of concept, more

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has stated that the PSPgo may suffer from a problem, that Nintendo has no interest in entering the mobile market, and a few other tidbits.

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knox3347d ago

why would he say something like that about the psp go when it hasnt event been out for 2 weeks yet?

RememberThe3573347d ago

Good point. You can't really argue against it.

Elven63347d ago

It won't take a genius to figure out the PSP Go will have trouble in its future, retailers are the biggest issue, if these rumors of it under performing in comparison to other PSP models is true why would they bother stocking it? Not to mention the software/UMD issue.

hitthegspot3347d ago

Great point. Don't know why he would say that.

gaffyh3347d ago

Good point, but easy answer...

It's for everyone that doesn't want a normal PSP.

IdleLeeSiuLung3347d ago

"Good point, but easy answer...

It's for everyone that doesn't want a normal PSP. "

Which again begs the question, why would you pay more for for a PSP Go when the customer already did NOT purchase the PSP at a lower price point?

Surely, the barriers to buying the PSP probably wasn't the size or the inclusion of UMD.

The barriers to PSP Go are:

a) Higher price and the highest among the portable game only devices

b) Games are only available on PSN. This might scare away some customers not comfortable with the idea....

The only real PSP Go benefit is the smaller size!

SuperM3347d ago

"Surely, the barriers to buying the PSP probably wasn't the size or the inclusion of UMD"

You dont think maybe some people wanted a handheld that could actually fit in your pocket? No disrespect to the regular PSP but it is to big for many peoples liking. They prefer the smaller DS or just gadgets like the Ipod Touch or the Iphone. The PSP Go is actually smaller then the DS and comparable to ipod touch/iphone in size.

Between the Ipod Touch and the PSP Go i personally pick the PSP Go simply because im a gamer. The regular PSP is to big for my liking, i wouldnt like to bring it along where im going. Ofcourse many people in here wont see the point because they are living in their parents basement and never leaving the house anyway. And yes that was a joke, but seeing how people are almost saying the smaller size is a negative thing rather then positive it wouldnt really surprise me if its actually true.

gaffyh3347d ago

@1.5 - For some people correct. But for some people, the barriers were size, portability, aesthetics, lack of snackable games etc. For those people PSPgo is perfect.

HolyOrangeCows3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )
Reggie: Oh no! Please....don't take our DS sales, too!

I'd rather have the PsP-3000, but this is obviously just a reaction to stellar sales of the competition, whether what he said is true or not.

EDIT: Good thing the PSP 3000 is still another option, so we don't have to QQ over the Go.

cliffbo3347d ago

if and i say if he said that it`s because he is worried thay it might succeed. lol

Sarcasm3347d ago

I don't know, but when Nintendo Comments on Sony or Sony comments on Nintendo, I don't feel like they're attacking each other. Just a minor criticism.

But I won't get started on what Microsoft says.

Ravage273346d ago

a luxury versus commodity thingy, it's no secret Sony admires Apple's ability to sell overpriced ipods. You pay a premium for the aesthetic and portability(smaller size increased battery life), and there's always a market for it.

BWS19823346d ago

but the irony of his comment is this: What the hell is in it for ME the consumer, in considering a DSi, you basically downgraded the DS Lite I already own by taking out the GBA slot, gave it a useless camera because I have one on the cell phone I always have with me and it has 10 fold the resolution, and gave me the ability to play music, which my cell phone and PSP 1000 can ALREADY do. What, that cheesy distortion app for photos? Really?

So, Reggie, why should I upgrade to the DSi, when I and many people I hear from say it's a step back for them? Cost went up, features for *many* (but not all) of us went down...what say you Mr. Fils-Aime?

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Shnazzyone3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

Basicly it's a system where you not only can't play old titles on it but is wholey dependant on you living near an constant wifi source. Does sony have any idea how many americans have 24/7 access to wifi so they can get games for it in the first place? Not to mention it costs more then the system that can still play old games and can do all the stuff the new system does.

If i didn't think so many morons are going to buy it not realizing the stupidity of it I would say this is the kind of business decision that kills a company. Lets face it, the PSPgo is destined to fail HARD!

However I bet the japanese will cream all over it. America and abroad however might not.

heylo3347d ago

"but is wholey dependant on you living near an constant wifi source."

-> Bluetooth tethering

TrooGamer3347d ago

It doesnt matter if it fails as the constant complaining about the PSPGo has put the PSP back in the headlines.

Microsoft Xbox 3603347d ago

Wifi is not required. You can download PSP games on your PC or PS3 and transfer them. Not to mention bluetooth tethering if you have a cellphone with a data plan.

Elvfam5113347d ago

need constant Wifi




gintoki7773347d ago

and what is your pc and ps3 connected to???? high chance it is a wireless router
of course if its not then that's how you would use it

Transporter473347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

i'm pretty sure you have a usb with around 2gigs cause that is all you need

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

i think the nintendo has a huge problem with the quality of the wii games, so basicly reggie has nothing to say on sony if he cant do better.

Anyway i guess we all know that nintendo isnt interested into mobile market cause they always proved us they prefer some kind of innovation with retarded technology. But in maybe 4-5yrs they will probably offer nintendo ds games online like sony on the psp go.

KruLLit3347d ago

You already have _ALOT_ of quality games on the Wii. But I agree, 2008-2009 have been quite lame.

RememberThe3573347d ago

it is easy to see that there are not "A LOT" of good Wii games.

MicroSony4Life3347d ago

Its like he is saying you want some of this, do you want some of the reggimister.

Jamescagney3347d ago

Nintendo has some great games coming out, always makes me laugh when people think they don't.

And these comments were probably taken out of context.

Even if they weren't he has a point.

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