Naughty Dog's next game may not be Uncharted 3

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Naughty Dog has never been one to really stick around with any certain franchise. In the PSX era, they made the Crash games, but they dropped him like a bad habit shortly after starting work on their PS2 adventure game, Jak and Daxter. Similarly, when the PS3 dropped in the fall of 2006, they created the Uncharted franchise. And though they said they would love to continue with the Uncharted series, it seems that they may have something else in the cards for their next project.

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gauntletpython3391d ago

Looking forward to seeing what else Naughty Dog could cook up. I'd love to see them do something radically different. They're so good at developing characters, it would be cool to see them do like a Mass Effect RPG type game

gaffyh3391d ago

What would be really crazy is if ND had a smaller team working on another game for the past 4 years, and then now the just move everyone over to that team and have the game ready in a year.

DevastationEve3391d ago

Working on Mass Effect would be awesome. Working on their own Mass Effect like RPG would be awesome too.

Cajun Chicken3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Realistically though, I predict that Naughty Dog's next series will have a Sci-Fi flair to it. I thought about it a while ago. Naughty Dog tackling 50's style Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers Sci-Fi would be great. I really wouldn't want ND to be moving too far away from platforming elements though and it would be a natural progression from Crash, Jak and Uncharted.

droid and bot3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

ND ...

make something new
a new IP maybe
with uncharted2 engine
then back to Uncharted3

or else
make us a new Jak with pixar graphics PLS
just like insomniac did wit R&C
after that go back to Uncharted3

and GOD DAMN IT why the hell did you guys sold Crash
Crash sucked after ND sold it to universal studios

and i would really love to see Crash on my PS3 with pixar graphics

Bubble Buddy3391d ago

I beg you Naught Dog bring back Jak & Daxter :D

calis3391d ago

Bringing it back? They are making the PSP version of it so it's not really on the back burner or anything.

I also thought they said they wanted to go back to J&D eventually.

kws10653391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

until all the world treasure mysteries are gone, I am buying the series.

RememberThe3573391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I think this quote is the reason for the author questioning whether they will start on a different franchise or not. But, you have to remember that ICE is apart of Naughty Dog, and ICE is one of Sony's tech teams. What ICE does doesn't only go to Naughty Dog games, but to everyone in the World Wide Studios. So, that might be the context of his comment.

As much as I love the jak games (I got them all), I love Uncharted more. besides I'm getting another Jak game for the PSP in November, so I'm good. I will probably want another Uncharted two years from now.

Ravage273391d ago

i'm REALLY interested to see a RPG looking like that. One thing that happens frequently to me when i play RPG - I get sick of the generic environment too quickly. So it will be friggin' awesome if they can pull off an Alpha Protocol-like RPG(no sci-fi pls) with gfx somewhere close to UC2.

ND whatever you do, at the end of the day,i still want my UC3 :(

JL3391d ago

No they're not. High Impact Games is doing the PSP Jak game. Mark my words, ND won't be doing Jak again. That's how they do things, they do one franchise per generation, then move on the next gen to something else.

I agree. I think they're taking this a bit out of context so to speak. Not to mention the fact that he can't just come out and confirm UC3 yet if it's not in the books to be revealed yet. As big as Uncharted has become right now, they'll be sticking with it.

vhero3391d ago

They made 3 IP's that every gamer know and not many companys can truly say that. Crash, Jak and Uncharted are all legendary and although they sold Crash for some bizarre reason they are still the ones who created him. They will no doubt bring us another legendary IP.

FACTUAL evidence3390d ago

Honestly, I think the UC series should get a break now. It's done great, I would love to see a 3rd part on ps4. Since the uncharted series was so good, i would like to see what else naughty dog has up their sleeves, i saw crash on ps1, jak and dexter on ps2, and uncharted on ps3, but i would like them to start a fresh new IP on ps3 as well! One of my most favorite devs on the ps3 atm.

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MetalGearRising3391d ago

Obviously its gonna be multi this time round Naughy Dog are craving to work on xbox360 since they maxed ps3. xbox360 will give Naughy Dog the opportunity to show what they are capable of on xbox360 which they couldn't on ps3.

They've done all they could on ps3 its time to move on like so many ps3 developers have.

ThatCanadianGuy3391d ago

Hey buddy, news flash! Naughty Dog is owned by Sony.You'll never see any of their masterpieces on your dvd player.

Just for laughs..

360's highest rated exclusives:

Gears 2 - 94

Halo 3 - 94

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™ GOTY 09 - 97

Poooor bot :(

Razzy3391d ago

Geeze what took me so long adding this guy to my ignore list?

Surfman3391d ago

now you want Naugthy Dogs to work on your crapbox after saying that Uncharted 2 was a fail?

Try to be honest, ok? You know you are jealous of PS3 owners. You know your xbox don't have games like Uncharted ou MGS4 and your 360 reached its limit. It's time for you to buy a PS3.

spongeboob3391d ago

You can't actually believe what your saying because that would prove that you are 12 and would explain why your so dumb.

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Angry Moth3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

If they do I hope its a new ip as I wouldn't want them to go back to Jak now. Uncharted has become a mega-franchise and I think it could be a mistake not to make another one.
Anyway Amy was hinting heavily at uncharted 3 on podcast beyond this week

NotoriousWarrior3391d ago

@ ThatCanadianguy420

you ruined his dreams of seeing ND games on 360.

but its true Sony made a good move by buying ND in 2001.

IRetrouk3391d ago

They have proven time and time again that when they move on to something new they always better themselfs