PSPgo Sales Go Sky High

Despite articles to the contrary, PSPGo sales seem to be doing quite well.

"The PSPgo, just released just a week ago, has received almost universal appraise for it's simplistic, yet sleek look; and giving an alternative for the more casual gamer. Sony has revealed some surprising numbers that really are a testimony to the popularity of the handheld."

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gamesR4fun3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I should give up on using common sense when it comes to the free market....

good on em for this and digital is cool since i got a coulple 4gig cards for my 3000 Still who woulda thought a 250$ umd less psp would do so well.

heroicjanitor3295d ago

It's worth the money. It is much easier to carry around looks good and has bluetooth/game sleep. The psp go is worth more than the wii, and why exactly should it have to play umds?

KruLLit3295d ago

haha, more worth than a Wii?
mate, what drug are you using?

I have a PS3,Wii and a DS. I've got the most fun out of the Wii, so I doubt the PSP stand a chance.

heroicjanitor3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

And has underwhelming games in general. I'd prefer a psn game rather than a wii game which costs 50 euros and turns out to be crap. I do have a wii. Ps3 is a lot better. Hell the ds is a lot better than the wii.

Edit: I know it's all preference but the only way to look at it objectively is to check the actual cost of producing the console, because a wii might be "worth" $300 to someone based on the amount of enjoyment he gets from it.

KruLLit3295d ago

Well, it's all up to personal preferences.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3295d ago

Well, this contradicts the other articles that say the PSPgo sales are bad, so who's right?

ReservoirDog3163295d ago

How odd.

Never trust the internet huh?

remanutd553295d ago

yes you said it right its up to personal preferences i bought my Nintendo Wii on launch date with Zelda TP , then i bought super paper mario and mario Kart and thats about it , im not gonna sell it because im a HUGE Zelda fan i know nintendo will come out with a new zelda for the system on the other hand i have been playing countless Quality games and on top of that i have been using my ps3 as the whole media center sony made it out to look , it is without a doubt my main media entertainment ( games , movies , music , photos ) and well i just got a psp GO and im having tons of fun with Motorstorm Arctic Edge , Gran Turismo , Pixeljunk Monsters , Locoroco 2 , Resistance Retribution , Ratchet and Clank and im really loving the pause/resume option and the bluetooth capabilities , you said it right its up to personal preferences

soljah3295d ago

the psp go brings much needed attention to the psp platform as a whole. i tink sony is just happy with increased psp sales from all the models

Panthers3295d ago

No UMD is a huge plus for me. One of the selling points really.

SuperM3294d ago

Umd makes alot of noise. So much better to have the game in digital form so you wont have to deal with the noise and you wont have to carry around the umds.

thesummerofgeorge3294d ago

Wait, the PSPGo doesn't stand a chance cause you personally like the Wii more than any other console? I hope I misunderstood that.

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Feral Gamer3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I call BS. So maybe PSP 3000 users are buying digital games instead of UMDs? Just because digital downloads have an increase doesn't mean it's due to the PSPGo.

There are many benefits to digital downloads for the PSP. First of all is the faster loading times from a memory stick. Second is the reduced noise because a game is loaded from a memory stick instead of the UMD. The loud UMD drive doesn't have to spin up every few minutes to load game data.

This article provides no proof that digital game downloads have increased because of the PSPGo. This is sloppy reporting.

Karum3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Yeah, downloadable only copies of games being higher than normal when a platform that only plays digital copies has been released sure isn't a good indicator that the PSP Go isn't the catalyst for the increase in downloads.

Clearly it's all the people not using PSP Go's responsible for the boost.

Are you actually serious with this garbage?

SoapShoes3295d ago

PSP sells are up, you can't just atribute that all to the 3000. I have no doubt it spiked sells and it'll do crazy well in Japan since we all know those Japanese love smaller devices. ;)

Feral Gamer3295d ago

I own a PSP 3000. I plan on buying games on PSN. I think it offers a lot of benefits which I stated in my previous post. You can't assume digital game sales are because of PSPGo sales. I'll wait for NPD numbers and not jump the gun.

ElementX3295d ago

Feral, don't mind these fanboys. They just assume that an increase in digital downloads is due to the PSPGo. They have no console sales numbers, they can't prove anything at this point. All they can do is make assumptions which in the end always prove to be incorrect. I went to a local GameStop and I asked how the PSPGo was selling and they said they only sold two or three since launch.

SoapShoes3295d ago

You're not worth my time and your reasoning is horrible.

Ferel, I'm just saying that the PSP 3000 is the main reason for the spike is just as flawed as saying the Go is the only reason for the spike. Obviously a new handheld came out, obviously that is going to cause a spike as well as with all of the new content out. NPD will lump the Go with PSP so it's not going to tell you how much the Go sold anyway.

Feral Gamer3295d ago

Maybe they will lump the Go with the 3000 model, but I hope they don't. I see digital downloads as a positive thing for many gamers, not just the Go owners.

All I wanted to say is that you can't assume that all the digital downloads are due to the PSPGo.

Maybe they contributed a number of them, but it's too early to say it was because the Go was selling well.

SoapShoes3295d ago

That Sony has said the Go is performing on par with what they expected, it's safe to say it's not doing poorly. If the Go also helps sell 3000s then all is good. I just hate how haters can't accept that people like the Go. :|

Karum3295d ago

I agree whole heartedly with you that there are great benefits of using a digital copy of a game running from flash memory rather than UMD, it's one of the reasons that I will one day own a PSP Go.

And I'll actually go ahead and admit I've bought a digital copy of a game for my PSP 3000, but that game was a PSP Mini, Hero of Sparta to be precise.

But here's the thing, if you're actually trying to infer that the vast majority of the sales spike for digital copies of games isn't motivated by the PSP Go then you my friend are delusional.

thesummerofgeorge3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

When in doubt just call everyone a fanboy right? They clearly explained the reasoning behind their opinion, people aren't fanboys just because you disagree. It's just gotten so stale this whole calling everyone a fanboy thing. The real fanboys are usually the ones calling everyone a fanboy, just to insult people, rather than typing a well thought out response. I suggest you wipe that word from your vocabulary, you are equipped to properly use it.

Edit: And just for the record, in my opinion although a spike in digital copies right after the PSPGo was released doesn't necessarily prove it's attributed to the PSPGo's sales, it's more than reasonable to assume it had a lot if not virtually everything to do with it, otherwise it's a rather large coincidence.

Ju3294d ago

I bought 6 games since Oct 1st from PSN ... for my PSP 1000.

One reason of increased PSN downloads is simply the fact that it actually became available. Before Oct. 1st there was pretty much nothing available on PSN. So, beside the PSPGo launch the other one which went with it was the revamped PSP store on PSN.

That and the Go revived the whole PSP business. Good for Sony.

cliffbo3293d ago

look, the whole point of the PSPgo was to boost PSP sales and make more people aware of PSN. it´s done both so the PSPgo is successful. Sony did it again

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qface643295d ago

meh i thought it would have actual numbers
a percentage increase really isn't allot

anyways though is this statement true?
"The PSPgo, just released just a week ago, has received almost universal appraise for it's simplistic, yet sleek look"

i could have sword almost all the articles i kept seeing everyone disliked the thing

SoapShoes3295d ago

Yeah most journalism... Go to the official forums and even here and you will see people who actually BOUGHT the system like it.

v1c1ous3295d ago

thats not what retail forum posters are saying online :/

K-man003295d ago

knew it. People are very interested in the Go. in case they are not, they can always buy the PSP 3000. Great marketing by Sony in a sence that they had a lot of attention towards the PSP platform.
In Japan it will sell between 50000-100000 first week.

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