The Black Mark of the High Definition Generation

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Over the course of the past week or so, the author had the opportunity to tackle three PS3 exclusives; Uncharted 2, Naughty Dog's follow up to their prolific 2007 action adventure title, Demon's Souls, a tough-as-nails niche action RPG, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, a new take on Ryu Hayabusa's previously 360 exclusive outing. As it sounds, these games are all quite different from each other, yet they all propagate the same reoccurring issue that has taken the HD generation of consoles by storm, specifically the PS3.

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gauntletpython3477d ago

It's true in a lot of ways. I liked Resistance's approach - reduce the graphics in multiplayer to allow local split screen and a bajillion online players.

mistajeff3477d ago

Yeah, I have no problem with reduced graphics quality for the sake of split-screen co-op. I understand that Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 didn't want to sacrifice their visual fidelity, but let's face it, if both those titles reduced their graphics quality to do split-screen, they'd probably look better than most games out there anyway. My theory is that doing split-screen would've required an install from these install-less games.. if that's the case, I'd gladly sit through an optional install for split screen co-op, even if the graphics were still reduced in quality.

Fishy Fingers3477d ago

The problem is, you dont always play split screen, or in most caes, a very small amount of time you put into a game is played in split screen, do you want a game downgraded to allow it, when perhaps only 10% (or probably less) of your time is spent using it?

(genuine question)

gauntletpython3477d ago

It's like I said, if they did it specifically only for when you had split screen, I'm sure the majority of us wouldn't care. Also, that's what they've done for generations prior to this, not sure why it's a big deal now, unless we all truly are graphic whores.

gaffyh3477d ago

I don't really want reduced graphics for the option of split screen, cos its a feature most of us wouldnt use

gaffyh3477d ago

Actually, is Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 splitscreen co-op or online co-op only? Because it seems like more games are putting co-op in now than previously.

shadowfox3477d ago

It's online co-op only. I guess on the one hand, it's good to see games like Ninja Gaiden getting co-op that usually wouldn't, but still, I'd rather have split screen than anything else.

iamtehpwn3477d ago

Like to try to get the most out of Ps3, for example in Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2. Problem is, It's hard to do split screen, because you'd take a framerate dip.

Blaze9293477d ago

yeah that seems the be the sacrifice for these high quality graphics, no split-screen. Its a shame though, I would have loved split-screen in Killzone 2 and even Uncharted 2. That the price we must pay for good graphics? They're nice and all but I'll take local split-screen gaming over online gaming and nice graphics any day.

chaosatom3477d ago

Yeah, I would like split-screen even with lowered graphics.

If they have the space for it, then why not?

Having 10% less graphics does not matter if you have like 50% more fun playing it.

It just really adds value to package. I think that some great split-screen games can be made, but people just don't try.

pixelsword3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

I don't really care about the multiplayer's graphics because I rather play along with someone.

Final_Rpg3477d ago

I know you're a 360 fanboy, or at the least you have some kind of angst towards the ps3, but I agree with you. I really miss splitscreen, I'm one of those guys that loves inviting mates over and just chilling out with some games together. Right now all I have out of my sizable collection of games is LBP, guitar hero, fifa and resistance. That's pretty shocking if you ask me, especially when compared to my games of previous gens. I guess it's all about the online nowadays, but why can't we have both? I wouldn't care if the graphic fidelity dropped down in uncharted 2 for coop splitscreen as long as it stayed the same when playing by yourself. I would be having so much more enjoyment that I wouldn't be bothered by the coop graphical lacking.

Sarcasm3477d ago

I can see why someone would want a splitscreen co-op mode for games like Gears of War or heck even COD.

But honestly, I'd rather them take no compromises and push the bar further like Uncharted 2 on certain games.

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Fishy Fingers3477d ago

The problem being, in this day and age, unless your graphics are top notch your game doesnt get a second look, sad but true. You'll also find the online market is far greater than ever before and people dont get together like they used to to play a game. I remember Halo 1, my friends and I would crowd around a 20in TV and play deathmatch with a quarter of said screen each, it just does tend to happen that way anymore, especially as games are targeted at a slightly older (buying enabled) market. Kid's are rather happy to play less (visually) impressive games sat round a TV together, unfortunetly the older market arent, and they're the ones buying the games.

Also, like the article says, the platforms want to push their online capabilities, they also want you and a friend to buy a copy of the game each, not sit and play one copy together.

It's probably in part, down to this that the Wii has become so popular. Targeting the less tech demanding social gamers.

shadowfox3477d ago

Yea, this just dawned on me the other day. I had a buddy over the other day and he never played the PS3. I wanted something big to show him, but the only 2p game I had was Resistance 2, which is sick but over a year old.

It's even worse for 4 player games, all we can do is play Warhawk, which is sick, but even Halo and stuff has 4 player split screen.

gaffyh3477d ago

If Killzone 3 comes with splitscreen co-op it would be amazing, I hope they can manage to do it.

whitesoxfalife3477d ago

i went thru that too but on my 360 i gotta friend who has both consoles but never played them online....he like that split screen crap personally i never did like split screen

shadowfox3477d ago

Still think an option would be better than nothing.

nolifeking3477d ago

would be fighting games. Split screen always felt like a waste of space, especially when I was on a 15 inch telly. It was always something that was there before cause we couldn't play from the comforts of our own homes with a buddy. What ever happened to people passing the sticks, has that concept been lost on gamers? I'm sorry, I much rather have improved graphics than sharing half my screen with a friend, much less a third.

swiftshot933477d ago

fighting games and definitely racing games for me.

Ron_Burgundy3477d ago

yeah you notice there's a lack of split screen games on both the 360 and ps3

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