Demon's Souls... complete!

Gamecritics writes:

"For people who haven't played it yet or might not really care: It's a fantastic, superbly-designed game that has officially knocked my socks off. One of the best PS3 titles available, and at this point, my Game of the Year.

For those who have played it or who do care: My character was a level 80 Temple Knight focusing on Attack and Defense for melee combat. My endgame weapons were a +7 Halberd, a +4 Dragon Sword, and a Lava Bow. All told, it took me about 35 hours, give or take. Too bad there wasn't a death counter, I would've been curious to see how many times I was revived."

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spongeboob3293d ago

The PS3 has a game of the year for everyone this year.

TPS = Uncharted 2
Platformer = Ratchet and Clank: ACIT
FPS = Killzone 2
Action RPG = Demon's Souls
Hack & Slash = Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Sports = MLB 09 The Show
Nature Sim = Afrika
Open World = Infamous

The only thing it is missing this year is the definitive racing sim GT5 but 6 months isn't that long a wait.

Campy da Camper3293d ago

I know I am polluting numerous threads with DS praise, but damit, it is just that good. The decisions to make as to what to upgrade, the trial and error, the art design, music, enemies and overall ambience of the game is top notch.

Kudos to the devs for this breath of fresh air. My only gripe is how am I going to be able to put it down next Tuesday? Then it's only a short time until Ratchet and Clank. Then, Christ, MW2...

I cannot believe that there are more games coming out than I have time to play them! And to think 4 months ago we were DYING for something... What a great day to be a gamer!

(Hugs 60" DLP and caresses HDMI and Optical cables...Campy loves you my babies)

rbluetank3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

it took me 5hrs and 50 minutes to get to level one boss. this sh!t is passed hard and on the lines of unfair. i haven't got one darn trophy for all that effort. lol the game gives you the same amount of help that a mother kangaroo gives her offspring.... next to nothing/ none... it is going to take me awhile to beat the phanx boss;because i have no more turpentine to fight him with... fyi i have no money to buy what i need and you can not sell items to get what you need.... sh!t! i will finish this game if it takes me into next year.... i would recommend this game to hard core gamers only. the game is fun as hell but somethings could have been better....