Gamezebo Review: Island Realms

Gamezebo writes: "When Alawar Melesta, creator of the popular Farm Frenzy-series, decides to develop a game that can be compared to the surprise hit My Kingdom for the Princess, this could be interesting. While the lack of a proper tutorial for a rather complex game and a somewhat choppy and shortish storyline appear a bit daunting in the beginning, Island Realms nevertheless turns out to be more innovative and engaging than the usual more of the same entry in the casual market.

As the name of the game indicates, the player visits a large number of small islands throughout the game. Your basic goal is to reach the next island, but doing so requires a lot of work and strategic thinking, which is without a doubt more challenging and hectic than what some casual gamers are used to. To reach another island, you have to load a wagon at the end of the current island with various goods, such as food, stone, coins or wood."

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