WhatTheyPlay Review: Katamari Forever

WhatTheyPlay writes: "Katamari Forever is the fifth game in the Katamari series and the first to be released for PlayStation 3. In this puzzle-adventure game, you play as the Prince, and at the beginning of the game, your father, the King of All Cosmos, knocks himself unconscious when he rockets up into the sky. So the kingdom won't be leaderless, the Prince builds a robot version of his father to stand in until the Prince can successfully help his father wake up; throughout the game, the Prince goes back and forth between his unconscious father's brain and the Robot King, fulfilling their requests.

All of the requests in the game involve rolling a ball (called a katamari) around a variety of environments in order to roll up items into a ball. Items start small, such as caramels and thumbtacks and mice, and increase in size as the katamari grows larger, eventually becoming mountains and clouds. Sometimes the goal is to get the katamari to at least as large as a predetermined size; other times the goal may be to roll up a katamari that is as expensive as possible or that is made primarily of sweet things."

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