Dille Talks PSP Store, Killzone 2

Speaking to Game Informer, Dille partly lifted the veil of secrecy surrounding the content that will be made available via Sony's upcoming PSP Store, announced last week.

When asked whether the PSP Store will focus on movies and music, Dille confirmed the expectation in a round about way, and acknowledged that Sony should have been more persistent in this area prior to now.

"We were a little bit coy about revealing all of the plans, but I think all of the above… The missing ingredient for us has been making it easier for consumers to get video content or music content to the PSP, because the device has this awesome technical playback capability, awesome screen built for video and yet we don't make it terribly easy for people to access any content. So we're looking to fix that. We've got a lot of people hard at work on it we look forward to rolling that plan out and that service out later this year. But be patient, we hope it won't be much further."

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BlackIceJoe4474d ago

I for one think it is about time that the PSP is able to download movies and such. I think this will be good for both Sony and itunes. Because each service will want to out do the other. So as of right now Sony is behind but if they really want this service to do good they could. This can only make each service better so I am all for this.

As on KZ I can't wait to see what will have changed from 05 to now. I do have to wonder if they are just talking about a Beta if it will not be ready this year. I do think it would be best to come out next year. At least I think it would be best that way Sony does not cannibalize there other great games that are coming out. Plus there is also Halo. So you have to wonder if it would be best for KZ to come out when it has nothing to worry about.

THE_JUDGE4474d ago

I have no idea why Sony didn't implement this wayyyyy before. I don't really use my psp for movies and music, but if its cheaper or priced the same as Itunes the psp has a bigger screen so I'd use it.

gta_cb4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

can you imagen downloading something like Spiderman 3! i can and i think it would be great! =D

i have wanted something like this for the PSP since i owned an Xbox 360 because of LIVE. if the PSP gets this and maybe "HOME" then i would deff be on it trying it out! =D but then i dont know if something like HOME would run ok on a PSP...

"I have no idea why Sony didn't implement this wayyyyy before"

i personally think this is one of those Sony mistakes people have been talking about. Mainly focusing on the PS3 was needed, BUT still i think the PSP has been neglected too much and so i am glad they have said there focusing on it more. also the PSN is more relavent to the PS3 so maybe they where still trying to build it as best as they could... i dunno just guessing.

Premonition4474d ago

So lets see new redeisgned PSP+ this and hopefully better PS3+PSP connection makes the future look a little better :)

lil bush4474d ago

that would be cool if the psp could download movies from the ps3.......

LoveHateTragedy4474d ago

He does bring up some really important issues that need to be fixed. I would love to have the exact same online ease-of-use as the PS3, though there are some RAM limitations. Being able to access the PSN would be pretty sweet.

The PSP's been neglected for a while, so hopefully they'll be able to focus on it once all the heavy-duty PS3 work is finished this fall.