Twitter and Facebook update arriving November 17

ConnectedConsoles: Microsoft Xbox have today announced that the new system update that features new applications such as Twitter and Facebook will be arriving in the UK on November 17.

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badkolo3389d ago

The most useless thing ms has done this whole gen. AT least for me, i hate facebook and twitter is the most moronic thing ever created.

3389d ago
mrv3213389d ago

He has friends just in real life.

He doesn't need to add 400+ semi-friends only to read about how bad their lives are... etc.

Blaze9293389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Then don't use it. You are one of millions of other Xbox LIVE users; Microsoft doesn't care nor are they forcing you to use it. It's just an ADDED option to an already huge list of Xbox LIVE features.

Anyway, inb4 the "MS charging for Facebook & Twitter/I could do this on my PS3 for free since day 1/I have something for this...a computer"...comments.

Just completely ignore the fact that its Twitter/Facebook FOR Xbox 360...not Xbox 360 supporting Twitter/Facebook. That means complete interactivity with the Xbox 360, 360 friends list, avatars, game updates, and much for MADE for the Xbox 360. So no, you cant do that on a PC

chaosatom3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

is much more useful than this.

They need to go beyond this.

HolyOrangeCows3389d ago

If I'm going to use Facebook/twitter/etc, I will do it on my PC, for free (No Gold subscription necessary to access free services).

mrv3213389d ago

Facebook is too full of people who complain and hope people care enough to comment.

I've gone cold turkey a few times BUT after quicking facebook I felt relieved... no GREAT!

Social networks are one of the worst things on the internet, the concept is great but the people kinda suck when they go on there... a bit like communism I guess.

Hoolock3389d ago

they said facebook picture viewing was much better than the pc alternative, plus it was really well integrated with your friends list. M$ have also said they r working on in game lastfm support for a later update and video uploading to facebook. Im personally looking forward to lastfm, twitter and the Zune instant streaming when it arrives. Its just convenient to have these services integrated with xbox sharing friends lists and using the party system for music.

maniacmayhem3389d ago

Really for free, you don't pay for an internet service provider?

Time Lord3389d ago

You've hit the nail on the head.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3389d ago

I can already use them both on my PS3's web browser :)

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davidadrake3389d ago

I use facebook all the time, so I am really excited about this. I don't use twitter though, so that doesn't make a difference to me.

If you don't like it, don't use it.

Arsenic133389d ago

Its nice to have these features but I have a PC next to my games and tv so its kind of useless to me, but more features and options cant hurt.

Bnet3433389d ago

I agree with David. I use Facebook, but not Twitter. I just want to use the post gaming pictures on Facebook. Want to see how that works.

IaMs123389d ago

Yes, i cant complain about the more options and features of course! Facebook is a welcomed thing for me, twitter meh not so much. But i still believe MS can do TONS more with that money they are getting from us paying for XBL. I wouldnt mind paying it even more if i got stuff in return. A little more now please, implement more stuff for FREE, well at least use what we are already paying for then.

RockmanII73389d ago

Tell me when arrives

Ronnie073389d ago

Was just about to post that. Any idea when that's due?

militant073389d ago

nothing exiting this time for me :(

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