Demon's Souls – 4 Early Survival Tips

Having trouble with Demons Soul? Constantly getting killed and losing your patience? Did you pick up Demons Soul looking for a quick RPG, only to find out that you have just walked into one of the most difficult games of this generation? Well have no fear, Just Push Start has your back! Here are four tips to keep you living long and gaming even longer in Demons Soul.

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Myst3294d ago

The best thing anyone could do is if possible always try to summon phantoms or try and get summoned yourself. Not only can they help with the bosses and other normal enemies, but if someone tries to invade they can help watch your back as well.

Campy da Camper3294d ago

you can't be invaded unless you have at least 2 people in your room. So, if you are going solo you have nothing to worry about.

Just overheard that somewhere so can't vouch for its credibility.

And this game should be called Demon's Crack. I cannot stop playing it. Woke up about 3am last night and am finaly putting down the controller. It's hands down, the best RPG out there. I am in the tower and those frigging jailers are killing me. Got all the way to the end then that stupid invisible phantom took me out!!!! 5500 SOULS!!!


Time to level grind and when I come back she's fricking toast! Toast I tell ya!

DonCorneo3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

it's a magic spell. get it early. ASAP.

Early farming: kill the red knight in 1-1 by hit-and-run with soul arrow. gives you 2070 souls. farm the phalanx, too.