EA buys 15 per cent stake in The9

Electronic Arts has bought a 15 per cent stake in Chinese online games specialist The9, worth around USD 167 million (EUR 124.1m).

The third-party publisher has also given exclusive publishing rights to FIFA Online to The9, in a move similar to the deal struck with Korean operator Neowiz in March.

"This is another significant step in EA's strategy to build an online presence in Asia," commented Hubert Larenaudie, president of EA Asia Online.

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kewlkat0074170d ago

EA flexing the Muscle I see...

gta_cb4170d ago

yeh, i just cant believe how much it costs for only 15 per cent!

Gamer luv4170d ago

Great, im sure theres a law that says you cant own over so much of a certain product, in this case the game industry>???

Just what we need tho, EA buying more companies and making even more CRAP games, the only game i liked by them is Boom Boom rocket and thats pretty much a copy of guitar hero and dance things when u go to the arcade.