Demon's Souls Sold Out?

If you still have not had a chance to purchase Atlus' PS3 exclusive RPG Demon's Souls, you will probably have a hard time getting it now since most GameStop and Best Buy stores around most area are sold out!

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Myst3391d ago

From what I've seen it's basically been that enough copies weren't shipped to one of the Gamestop's in my area so they ran out really early. Then again in other places I'm sure people were buying it left and right after hearing good things about it. Either way hopefully people are either.

A. Looking for it


B. Buying it all out


Christopher_Walken3391d ago

I tried finding a copy in my area. Everywhere is sold out.

Johnny Rotten3391d ago

it makes me kinda sad that I didn't pre-order it for the book and CD :(

Myst3391d ago

@Christopher - Well I hope it is do the fact that people are buying it up rather than Atlus not shipping enough. :/

@Johnny Rotten - Gamestop didn't receive enough to satisfy the pre-orders. Their were probably 4 (maybe 5?) pre-orders of which one was mine and I think Atlus only shipped out 2 from what they told me. Though the people at Gamestop let me leave with a Magna Carta 2 artbook. I suppose it's better than nothing and it can help me improve my drawing which would have been the purpose of the Demon's Souls artbook anyway :p.

So just letting you know that even if you pre-ordered it would have been a game of chance to get it anyway.

PLAYstar3391d ago

Not only was the game hard to play, now it is hard to get your hands on. The most Hardcore definition.

Silellak3391d ago

Glad I got mine from Gamefly then. It arrived on Wednesday and I can buy it at a used price any time I choose :)

Liquid Dust3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Here's the funny thing for all of you who didn't pre-order and are possibly missing out on the artbook and soundtrack.

The best buy that I went to did not have it on their shelves, i proceeded to speak with an employee and checked their system. The had some copies in the back and she brought one out. She brought the game that was wrapped together with the artbook/cd, not in the usual casing that the deluxe edition is usually in, after checking the inventory again it seems they deleted the deluxe edition from their system and are just packaging it together but still selling it for only 59.99

WIN WIN baby, let me know if anybody else has had this experience. Make sure to ask if they have it in back when on the hunt for this game

Also, still has copies of both the standard and deluxe editions people! You dont want to miss out on this game!

EDIT: Ah, it seems that the deluxe edition comes with the 150pg strategy guide as well. So im not sure if every standard edition comes with the artbook and cd or not.

blu_yu_away3391d ago

Considering none of the chain retailers around me (Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, etc) even stocked the game and Gamestop's only ordered enough to cover pre order's this doesn't surprise me.

Eddie201013391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

The game is sold out at Most of the EB, Gamestop stores in My Area, In fact all but one store is sold out of the game. A couple of best buys in My area still have it.

The game is still in stock online at Amazon, EB Games, Gamestop, and, but you can only get the standard edition at EB Games and GameStop.

Great game, anyone who likes challenging action RPG'S with great graphics and atmosphere should get this game.

This game separates the men from the boys.

Edit: This game is one of the best sellers on both the EB,Gamestop and Amazon best seller list. Making it into the top ten on several occasions on Amazon. its doing pretty darn well for a niche game.

Jaces3391d ago

Pre-ordered mine awhile back and got it in the mail the day it came out. :D

presto7173391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself.

BTW did anyone beat the red-eyed knight in the first level. He's killed me like 4 times already and my hits are not doing much damage. And my playing as a knight with a long sword (the piercing one )and a kite shield.

I know the fight is optional but I would like to get the loot he drops.


ReservoirDog3163391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Wow, didn't see that coming. I figured it'd sell really slow.

Then again, didn't it sell out really quickly in Japan?

room4143391d ago

In Canada it's even sold out at amazon with the exception of a couple of people selling it for $200.

Liquid Dust3391d ago

I believe thats the tower knight, I didnt go into that area yet since i read a highly recommended on the ground stating that you should be around 20 soul level before going up there... So good luck! lol

Pain3391d ago

understandable... the Game ROCKS!!!

Demon's Souls is wow!

Viper73391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

//BTW did anyone beat the red-eyed knight in the first level. He's killed me like 4 times already and my hits are not doing much damage. And my playing as a knight with a long sword (the piercing one )and a kite shield.

I know the fight is optional but I would like to get the loot he drops. //

There are 2 good methods for this, 1st one is to lure him to the place where you open the 1st door/gate/passage with a lever. when your ascending or descending the "tower" you can probably spot 2 barrels close to each other, it may seem hard to get past them without breaking them but its pretty easy if you go near the edge. Lure the red eyed guard here and intimate him to attack you he should drop from the edge to his death. Other method is to lure him to the 2nd area of the stage with the pit (there are souls flying in the pit and 1 archer + 2 other mobs there so be sure to kill them)

Other method is a lot simpler and my personal faivorite, but it requares a weapon (preferably bastard sword or other 2 handed. Find the thiefs ring at the place where you saved the rune sword/shield wielding character. This will make you harder to detect, using this with soul form will make you a lot more sneaky. return to where you saw the red knight, and let him follow you for a while and then run as fast as you can, he should loose interest on you, then just run and backstab him and when hes on the ground use 1 heavy blow to him. Repeat this untill hes dead (works against pretty much every slow human sized mob in the game)

presto7173391d ago

Bubbles for taking the time to answer the question. I'll try to lure him and trick him into killing him self. But if I die one more time, I'll just come back when I'm a lot stronger so I can easily kick his ass.

foxtheory3391d ago

I was gonna pick it up around Christmas, but I may have some trouble with that if they're running low right now. My best best bet is getting it used.

NexGen3391d ago

Maybe it's just the larger market, but here in (and near) Chicago, Gamestops have them in stock. Pretty much all 12 Gamestops in my area all have multiple copies.

I just wandered in and picked one up, this store had more than 10 copies in their glass case.

Saigon3391d ago

I went looking for it...and it was sold out everywhere...I am in delaware...I never expected this...makes me worried that I won't get uncharted 2 either...

2Spock3391d ago

Well there is going to be alot of frustrated people. I got my copy today and played it for a little bit died a couple of time's in the balsteria world or whatever. Then i made it to the dragons with all the loot around and died and started all the way back at the very begining and i turned it off.....=O. It might warrant a broken controller if i keep playing it, but i am going to like the challenge.

Sarcasm3391d ago

Well my local gamestop where I bought it had only 3 copies. I bought one of them. The other two is for some other Souls to take.

Pillage053391d ago

I live in a college town. Small town but 3 gamestops! The gamestop i use sold out of the game twice within 3 days. ==> game released on monday, sold out. They got more in on tuesday, and i bought their last copy on wednesday. I remember when the ps3 user base in my town was tiny. 3 people in line for killzone 2 release. I was the only person picking MGS4 up without the bundle when it released(that was at walmart because none of the gamestops did midnight release.)

I think there are just a lot of new ps3 users out there now who are looking for games to play on it. I hope Uncharted 2 doesn't suffer much from it.

FrankenLife3391d ago

I got mine at Fry's after checking all the GS in the Seattle area. Fry's had about 20 copies of the game when I called. The next day they were all gone.

The game is fantastic. I am totally hooked. I reccomend playing as Royalty. Good mele damage, and great starting spell

MEsoJD3391d ago

A way better game store than gamestop.

aaronisbla3391d ago

cuz on thursday ( i live in chicago) i had to travel to 3 different gamestops, finally went to the south side on a whim and luckily they had 3 more copies. if you bought it after thursday, it could have been that they finally got some more copies in

JoySticksFTW3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

to kill the red dragon, you'll need a bow, about 100 - 200 arrows, and less than thirty minutes of your time. Now, I did this in about 10 minutes with only 80 arrows, but I also was grinding skeletons in 4-1 to gain souls levels and get a nice compound long bow there.

Just remember to climb the first bridge tower you come across. He can't get you from there (unless I was crazy lucky) and just snipe away as he makes his rounds. (you'll see what I'm talking about. Don't want to spoil too much).

You'll get a bunch of souls for your trouble, and you'll get to loot the dragon roost in relative peace. The blue dragon is still there (watch the tail swipes that he got me with!), but the nice loot includes the Purple Flame Shield and the Ring of Fire Resistance.

@ Presto

Long range attacks work well on the red eyes in 1-1 also. Just run after you hit him. Listen for when he loses interest in you and start to walk back to his post. Run back and snipe him again. Repeat until he's dead. It could take a bit longer if he swallows a herb though

He always drops high-level healing herbs (and 2000 souls!). But if you're REALLY lucky, he may drop a winged spear and Purple Flame Shield as well.

Best Luck to you!

NegativeCreepWA3391d ago

I couldn't find it anywhere Friday, so I got it overnight from amazon. Its worth extra money I spent to get it.

In regards to why stores don't have it. The reason is that not enough people reserved it so some stores didn't any extra copies or any copies of it at all. The more reservations a store has the more extra copies they'll get. It doesn't have anything to with them selling to many copies or not making enough. The game didn't have much of a demand until after it released and the reviews came out.

JoySticksFTW3391d ago

Demon's Souls is by no means a high-profile title. It's popularity is due to the great reviews from the media and the testimonials of the importers that have been playing this for months.

Besides, I hear that Atlus always produces limited quantities. I don't think they really expect there niche-type games to sell as well as they do. Heck, there's almost zero marketing for this game and certainly no commercials that I've seen.

jut4203391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

@ Johnny Rotten and Nuri

It makes me feel better knowing that is what happened with the preorder artbook and CD. I couldn't get the game until I got out of work at 6 on Tuesday. I went up to Gamestop and picked up the Deluxe Edition and when they didn't give me an artbook or CD I asked where it was and they said that they didn't have anymore and that they will most likely get some in a few days (which I have heard a lot before but have never atually seen them get more of anything). I was mad becuase I really wanted the artbook because I love all the character models I've seen for this game and the bosses look incredible. I figured they had given my artbook and CD to some random who they were friends with who decided to pick up the game that day, but it's good to know they aren't jerks like that at Gamestop (for the most part I guess). Playing the game made me take my mind off it and not mind so much because this game is worth it and I hope it does sell out because it deserves it. I've died probably 10 times already and each time I stop playing I immediately want to start up again just to prove I can beat the guy who has beaten me. I think the starting at the beginning of levels when you die is what is really making me want to beat this game that much more.

Also, I just wanted to say that I really love the online concept of this game. I don't know of any other game that uses online play the way this game does. Leaving comments, hints, and/or clues for future players is awesome. I must read all of them!!! lol :P

Now, I must return to getting my a55 handed to me for the rest of the day. :)

Tru_Blu3391d ago

I tried 2 Best Buys close to me the day after it came out. It was sold out at both. This game wasn't even on my radar but I kept hearing such good things I had to give it a go. Anyway I ordered the deluxe edition off amazon and have already got it. I'm just close to the platinum on RE5 and haven't started it yet. I have the feeling once I start it will be a long time before I stop. Being a RPG junkie and all lol.

presto7173390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Thanks for all the advice on the red knight. I tried luring him to the barrells to see if he would fall and die, but he just walked around them and came to kill me. So I went on the to beat the second boss (the giant knight) and used the souls to upgrade my Claymore 3 times. Then I came back to fight him again. Needless to say, I kicked his ass. It was soooo satisfying cleaving him in two with that big ass sword.

But now I need the key and I really dont want to kill Ostravia. He's a good guy, with good armour too. Lol.

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rucky3391d ago

It's also an Atlus title on a console.

dachiefsman3391d ago

well the 360 ones have sucked so far, so that argument is out.

Homicide3391d ago

And Atlus published games go out of print very quickly. Let's just hope the servers stay up for a long time. Great game this is.

Nikuma3391d ago

If anyone wants the game your best bet is Amazon. That is Atlus' main distributor so I hear.

zootang3390d ago

Atlus just publish it, they had nothing to do with the development.

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DrWan3391d ago

why u guys buying it on the street anyways

tatotiburon3391d ago

yep amazon still have tonz of units available

Bobby Kotex3391d ago

Gamespot is useless to me except for used games. People who go in there and pay list price plus tax are basically suckers when you have amazon. Go ahead and disagree, but I got the Deluxe from amazon on day one, free shipping for $66.99 and no tax.

Consoldtobots3391d ago

i must be seeing things

I thought you hated the PS3 tiburon?

sikbeta3391d ago

Awesome News, hardcore games FTW!