Paper Mario heading to Virtual Console

According to the latest issue of US Nintendo Power, the original N64 version of Paper Mario will be arriving on the Wii's Virtual Console soon.

The official mag lists the Mario RPG as its 'top pick' from upcoming virtual console games, so we can pretty much take that as confirmation that it's not far off from release in North America.

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PS360WII4479d ago

This game is great one. Start of the franchise and best of the three (though I'm only half way thru the Wii version)

Only problem is that with the ever growing VC library and the size of games that are coming out on it. Specially if they are thinking of getting Dreamcast or new content to the VC Nintendo NEEDS to either get an external harddrive as an attachment or let you use the SD card for games as well and be able to access them and play from the SD card itself. Once again Nintendo NEEDS to do this... Wii just doesn't have enough internal flash memory for some of these things.

bootsielon4479d ago

Or should I dust off my N64?

PS360WII4479d ago

Well if you have it for your N64 just dust it off. Why wait right? If you don't have the game then sure pay the 10 bucks