The MAG Factor

Digital Foundry writes:

"Quietly going about its business in a closed beta phase, Zipper Interactive's MAG is one of the most intriguing games Digital Foundry has taken a look at recently, and an important milestone in the evolution of online console gaming.

Sure, massively multiplayer games are nothing new, and MAG's support for 256 players is probably small beer up against some of the behemoth MMOs available for PC. But this isn't a relatively snail-paced role-playing game we're dealing with here. MAG's real innovation is in the fact that it can handle those 256 gamers in a fast-paced action environment where minimal latency is crucial. It aims to surpass the quality of the peer-to-peer multiplayer experience found in most console titles, and it's set to do so with a series of incredibly vast arenas teeming with human players."

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chisox1003321d ago

i have the beta, its awesome but the respawn times are 15 seconds which pisses me off

Ps_alm3k3321d ago

1. The Cell

2. The Spu's

3. Dedicated server's

sikbeta3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

4. The Brand

5. The Devs

6. A Real Fanbase

ZBlacktt3320d ago

They need to release the beta to everyone. I feel this game is loosing people's interests because of the closed beta for so long. That and it doesn't come up as often as it used to on here and other forums. With COD just around the corner, it's all we see. Just saying...

jjohan353320d ago

I think they're holding themselves back to let Uncharted 2 get the spotlight during its release. From what I can tell, it seems like they're still heavily modifying MAG before its public beta/demo release.

ZBlacktt3320d ago


Yeah, just don't want to see it loose it thunder. It was on a roll there a few weeks, month ago. From E3 on, then kinda just died down.