VCG Top Ten: Hottest Videogame Babes

With the evolution of the graphics from simple dots to actual 3D characters, it was only logical that, given the big percentage of males in their teens/twenties that make up the gaming population, developers would try to cater to one of their most primitive desires. In this top 10, we'll be taking a look at the women players are more likely to find attractive when playing a game.

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StillGray3385d ago

Well, I'm glad to see that Tifa's on the list.

Duke_Silver3385d ago

Tifa and Sylvia, sweet deal!

Homicide3385d ago

Nice to see Mitsuru and Asuka there. The hottest FF girl has to be Rydia.

Oh and what is up with the 2nd Chun Li pic :x

FrankWest3385d ago

Great to see Asuka there

gumgum993384d ago

Good list. I personally would've had Reiko Nagase somewhere in the top 5.

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