PlayStation Network Player to Launch 100 Hour Gaming Marathon for Charity

Beginning at noon eastern standard time on Wednesday October 14, 2009, a Playstation Network player going by the name of Murdernickle will begin a 100 hour gaming marathon. You read that right…100 hours, straight through, no sleep. The reason? To raise money and awareness for Child's Play, a non-profit charity that raises money to buy video game consoles and games for kids in over 60 hospitals all over the globe. Since it's founding in 2003 Child's Play has raised over $3.5 million, including almost $1.5 million raised in 2008, and bills itself as "The Gamer's Charity." The marathon will last until 4:00 pm eastern standard time on Sunday October 18, 2009.

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Seven_ate_Nine3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

After this is done he's gonna look and feel like sh!t. Once he reaches that 36 hour mark, the hallucinations and will start making games like Dead Space scary as hell

MJY2K3296d ago

He should use the time to get the Killing Machine trophy from Resistance 2

Darkfocus3296d ago

100 hours would be brutal plus around 14 hours your skills just go down the drain and you die constantly.

El_Colombiano3296d ago

Guys you can not physically stay awake for 100 hours. Your body will collapse after about 54 hours.

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kvg883296d ago

He's like the Terry Fox of Gaming!!! 100 hours though, man - it'd be too much lol - he should contact Guiness, it'd have to be some kind of a record!

dplayer3296d ago

Big respect goes out to this guy for doing what he is doing. Although i may have done at least 100hr of gaming without realizing it when drunk. Ever had that happen, you suddenly look at your watch and its 4 days later. :)

timestoby3296d ago

thats great,but make sure you have ur mods lol.

MGOelite3296d ago

i bet £50 he dies after about 72 hours, especially if hes gonna drink energy drinks

PlayStation X3296d ago

i bet $50 if he tried doing that on a 360 he'd rrod after about 23 hours. xD

DiffusionE3296d ago

Wahahahaha....headshot on the 360 fanboys.....bubbles for you.

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The story is too old to be commented.