Brutal Legend: Retailer Offers Insane Deal writes:

"The long road to release for Jack Black's Brütal Legend is about end as it is set to release next week.

Pre-order Brütal Legend for $56.99 (5% off) plus get a free $10 Amazon Credit.

Brütal Legend ships October 13, 2009."

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Darkstorn3391d ago

That's not really an 'insane' deal.
Even so, I already preordered it. On another note, WHERE ARE THE REVIEWS?

guitarded773391d ago

Yeah, $30 would be an insane deal.. I'd also like to see a review.

mrv3213391d ago

Most of the reviews are avoiding Uncharted 2, I've played the demo and the actual game looks 10 time better.

Christopher3391d ago

I'd go for it, but I'm not buying this game without some reviews to read first. It looks awesome, but the gameplay is very much up in the air for me yet.

StanLee3391d ago

Where are the reviews for this game? Fifa, Uncharted and Forza have been reviewed but there aren't any reviews for this game. I enjoyed the demo but from the little that I played it's hard to make an informed decision.


... Ive been playing the game for the past few hours. Just beat the Spider Queen to give the bass strings to the KillMaster (Lenny). I have to say that the game is good. The graphics are good for a sandbox type of game (yes a sandbox...surprised?) and the music is awesome. For anyone who doesnt like Heavy Metal the game may be average. For all the metal lovers like me...they will ignore the problems in the game just to listen to the music and complete the story. The game really needed a map thanks to its sandbox nature you have to keep pausing it to see the full map and where you must go next. The controls are choppy and the graphics have lots of pop up in the background.

At least the game Heavy Metal theme is genious, fun and looks rigth on. I was specting a more linear adventure, not a sandbox type so if you didnt like the driving section of the demo dont expect much. Also I have the game on 360 and also has the demo on PS3. After all the graphics comparisons I saw I needed to compare it myself and I have to say that the game is identical on both consoles. More vibrant on the PS3 contrary to what I saw in some gaming sites, but they have more screen tearing than the 360 version. Texture wise is the same and the PS3 version is more alliased. The anti alliasing used on the 360 version for some reason makes it darker and have the vaseline effect that everyone dislikes on the PS3. That said I dont expect more than an 8.5 avg on Meta. We will wait and see the "proffesionals" reviews. A good entretaining until Uncharted 2 arrives. A good game that any fan of Metal shouldnt miss.


StanLee3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Thanks for the review. I think I'll get it instead of Fifa 2010 since I already have Fifa 2009. I'll get Brutal Legend, Uncharted 2 and Borderlands.

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RememberThe3573391d ago

I'm buying it from GameFly and I'll get it 10$ off, plus free shipping.

XiaoSet3391d ago

Nothing insane about this stupid game.

Campy da Camper3391d ago

and save the music, just not seeing a killer app here. Considering the number of quality games coming out over the next few weeks, there is no way I'd drop 60 bones on it.

Sorry, Jack. Blame Nathan.

Obelisk923391d ago

It just shows nothing of the full game, i believe it will be great.

Anyway, that's not a really big deal...

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