US Kids: Wii and DS More Popular Than McDonald's and Chocolate

Kids of America may like junk food, but they love playing with Nintendo devices even more. There is a top 20 with the most pupolar products of US Kids.

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Ron_Burgundy3392d ago

keyword popular, nothing is as good as chocolate

Wii and DS both stink heavy balls

Ron_Burgundy3392d ago

funny, I thought the flopbox would be right up there judging by the headline

ECM0NEY3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Im 23 and i still enjoy nick and disney. Some shows are good lol. Dont judge me!

16 and 20 are the things i dont enjoy.

beavis4play3392d ago

several of my (or my girlfriends)friends children (they're all between ages 8-12) come to my house to play on my ps3. except for one, they all have said they wanted ps3s but that their parents got them wiis because they were less expensive. (definitely understandable)
now with the price cut? i know 2 of them are getting ps3s for christmas. the other 3 i don't know about yet.

i don't believe it's a big surprise that kids like gaming over McDonalds or chocolate.........gaming gives more long term enjoyment than that stuff.