GTA 4: Small Apps for More Realism

German based magazine pcgames published an article with different modifications for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 4. These apps puts GTA 4 in a next graphical level. You can upgrade street textures, Hod Dog booths, to more realism weapons, new cars and a lot of more.

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poindat3480d ago

Mods make the world go round. Seriously, I don't care about "superior graphics and controls" as all the PC folk go spouting around. It's the mods that are the hook. It pains me just to think of the extra fun I could be having with GTA 4, Oblivion, and Fallout 3 right now. >.<

evrfighter3480d ago

Ovlivion mods have really kept this game from aging. It can compete with the best of em today.

I still play it when I'm bored. damn near instant loading and all these texture, character mods make it seem like an updated sequel.

Sunny_D3480d ago

Bleh cool, if Gta 4 wasn't so boring and if Consoles were as awesome as pc's. But, GTA 4 doesn't run well on pc either.

JackBNimble3480d ago

This all looks pretty cool , but really , how can they call that realistic flying? There is no way in hell a bell 206 can do loops or rolls, infact there are not any domestic helicopters that can do such maneuvers.I believe there is only one choper in the world that can do loops and rolls and it belongs to the U.S. armed forces.

I know I know , I'm being nitpicky.

Kushan3480d ago

They probably mean realistic HANDLING.

JackBNimble3480d ago

I know, i was just saying.Anyway it all looks awesome , and the flying is my favorite part of GTA.