Twisted Metal on Playstation 3: Features Wish List

Associated Content: It has been years since an original Twisted Metal game has appeared on a home console. Recently, however, there have been rumors of the car combat series heading to the Playstation 3. Handling the game
is the much respected David Jaffe (who also directed previous games in addition to the acclaimed God of War) and his new development studio at Eat Sleep Play (who are responsible for Calling All Cars). Here is a wish list of what Twisted Metal for the Playstation 3 should contain.

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Bereaver3483d ago

Yes, I agree. I really want Twisted Metal to come to ps3. Black was so...... grim..... I loved it.

Natsu X FairyTail3482d ago

I've got a feeling that they're not going to make a new one. If i remember well there was only one twisted Metal on PS2 and after that It's as if they(sony) totaly forgot about the IP. Last TwistedMetal game I played was on PSP and that was about 5 years ago.

sony should make a new one.

N4G king3482d ago

there is one on the work right now
"Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3 (Working Title) (TBA) (PS3)"

Mc Fadge3482d ago

And although blurry, "Twisted Metal" was distinguishable

Darkeyes3482d ago

Ohhh.... I would kill for a PS3 Twisted Metal

MONOLITHICIDE3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

i already have, but still havent got any twisted metal ps3, damn i cant wait

bigboss9113482d ago

here is my wish list.
1 custom soundtracks
2 create a character
3 the return of all the characters
4 Maps that are from different places around the world. not just one region like black was. and mix it up and not just be major cities. have a huge city, but then have like a old mining town with access to the mines and crazy dark caves and high mountain peaks with snow.... and a yeti??? Then have like a swampy place, coastal area, amusement park, a huge mall parking lot with a 3 story mall and a parking garage. then have like a classic map section with previous maps remade in hd.
5 its got to be dark like Black was. As in M rated.
6 ability to get out of cars. you car is about to explode, you hit a button, jump out and jack a gasoline tanker for one last suicide mission(hit the weak spot for massive damage?!!)
7 local 4 player splitscreen, and 16 player online. anymore than that and you would be hard pressed to find a decent parking spot....

C_SoL3482d ago

8.Insanely good looking graphics (which the PS3 can do) though it all depends if the developer wants to make it look good or not.

Other then that, I agree with you on everything :)

bigboss9113482d ago

good graphics are a given lol.
oh a huge map that takes place in a national park, everything is on fire, and little creatures running everywhere! Im just trying to imagine all the little sick and "Twisted" ideas for maps. i always liked the dark humor in TM. Not that i like little rabbits running around on fire mind you, but it would kinda fit into Calypso's ideal location for carnage.


bigboss i love you you spoke my mind with everything, mall parking lot with a 3 story tall big mall, just sounds like a crazy old skool twisted metal arena.

sikbeta3482d ago

My wish list:
car damage lol
old school Twisted Metal + Insane Graphics is all I want

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The story is too old to be commented.