New trailer for Folklore

A new trailer for Folklore. Previously known as Monster Kingdom: Unknown Realm, and Folks Soul in Japan, the game is made by the folks who brought us Genji.

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Sevir044477d ago

in the advent of blue dragons release this rpg will definately be sony's answer to the fans who are craving for an rpg.. and thankfully it's being released fall 2007 ^^ this is just awesome.

kalistyles4477d ago

I'm so looking forward to this game. I'm not a huge fan of RPG's but I can see the PS3 turning me into a huge RPG follower now.

Razzy4477d ago

Folklore is looking sharp. :)

Voodoochild4477d ago

I am so looking forward to this game.

PS360WII4477d ago

I watched the vids for this the other day. However, this vid I can only get 7 secs of audio and 9 secs of video :( What's I've seen of this from other days is this is a buyer for sure on my part I like the fighting with summons and such, and the art style is killer. Glad it's coming out this year ^^

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The story is too old to be commented.