A Wii Bit of History


In reading over a fun, speculative article on entitled "What if Wii Never Launched" it made me think about another "what if" that very possibly might have happened--what if Wii Sports hadn't been packed in with the Wii console in North America?

In Japan, Wii Play was the demo pack-in game of choice. Wii Play featured simple games and a wide range of controls with the Wii-mote, so it's easy to see why Nintendo Company Ltd. (NCL) decided to go in that direction. But that choice would have been the wrong one for North America.

As a member of the marketing team that designed and executed Wii's North American launch, I was in the middle of a debate that was (perhaps surprisingly to many) still raging just a few months before the console's launch. The debate was whether to pack-in Wii Sports or, as Japan was planning, Wii Play.

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Suga Shane3479d ago

Wow. Imagine having Wii Play as a pack in. I had no idea that NCL wanted to put it in there. I did purchase Wii Play for the extra Wii-mote but I did find the games to be enjoyable. It really could have turned out quite different if Wii Play was included.