Flow Trophies Available Now

The PlayStation TEAM twitter reports that the trophies for flow are available now.

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Christopher_Walken3348d ago

Well, I guess I know what I'll be doing.

40cal3347d ago

Yep, love the game, and now I have a even better reason to play again.

Perkel3348d ago

no patch for eu yet..

Clarence Callahan3348d ago

christ, why the hell do we europeans always have to wait for these trophy patches.

Hellsvacancy3348d ago

I know wot u mean, i had 2 wait a month 2get The Last Guy trophy patch

Alvadr3348d ago

Just be patient & be glad they decided to patch the game. Yesterday we wernt expecting this

Cdaja3348d ago

This is going to make me sound like a douche and is totally not the reason but because a lot of place in Europe have worse internet then us (North America) and even our sucks when compared to some places. As for the article itself. Wouldn't the trophies be kind of easy to get?

Perkel3348d ago

and this is why america sometimes is called land of idiots..

there are many countries, so in my country SCEPoland must release this patch, same with sceg etc.

Usa - 1 coutry ,
europe many countries
japan 1 country

snaz273348d ago

i know japan is supposed to have the best, but in the uk its pretty good too... the reason why eu gets things late is because of the amount of languages in eu, and each country has its own laws and ratings etc... really how would internet connection have anything to do with it?

PlayStation X3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

usa aint much worse than eu
but alot of eu countries lag like fck

snaz273348d ago

due to them getting the free or very chep internet packages, however i get on average 17 mbps, so no lag for me lol... just gotta have virgin broadband.. are there any fibreoptic services in us offering 50mb broadband? their testing 100mb speeds at the moment i believe too... my point was the infrestructure is there in the uk, it just costs abit to have it.

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swiftshot933348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

Still waiting on MGS4

Edit: @ below

if we're getting them then Ill wait till this generation is over.

chrisnick3348d ago

you'll be waiting for a while.

ActionBastard3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

If a 2yr old 3rd party PSN title can get patched with trophies, there is no excuse as to why MGS4 or Valkyria Chronicles couldn't and haven't.

NecrumSlavery3348d ago

Kojima is a 360 puppet now. I don't think he cares to patch MGS4.

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