GameTrailers Is Trying To Bring A Sword To A Gun Fight

"It's official. I get it. GameTrailers never liked the PS3. But did they really need to try to hide it? First the comparison videos that have the word "controversy" skewed all over them, then the Dblock commentary (if you could call it that) about the 360 being better than the PS3 because of the controller (who, by the way, was a VIDEO EDITOR FOR THE SITE), and now a review for the upcoming Uncharted 2. Yes, we know, 9.3/10 is a far, FAR cry from a 3/10. Not many games get that high of a score. But many reviewers do this when defending their reviews when the score for the games they reviewed are brought into question. It happened with Chris Buffa over his Metal Gear Solid 4 review over at GameDaily, and it happened here too. It's that many reviewers who see their scores being called out defend it in the pretense, whether it's intentional or not, that the doubters are those that are upset about the final score alone. It's clear that it's the context of the review is what is causing the uproar, and GT's Editor in Chief Shane Satterfield made the mistake, too.

And this time, he decided to bring a sword to a gun fight."

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Christopher_Walken3482d ago

Nathan Drake is pretty good with a gun too.

cyclindk3482d ago

So is Christopher Walken... "one shot!"

HolyOrangeCows3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

The score was fine, but some of the context was ridiculous.

And their reviews are FILLED with double standards.

ReservoirDog3163482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )



Now I wanna watch The Deer Hunter.

CrazzyMan3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Just bigger, better and more bad ass, so and Uncharted 2 should be getting 9.5 to be FAIR.
Uncharted 2 is the Highest Rated excluisve game this gen!
There are around 40 scores with PERFECT 10, and 25 with 9.5 and above.
MOST sites praise Uncharted 2, yet GT can`t give even same score as Gears 2? Because of what??? Not one of the best games this gen?

I really don`t think, that Halo 3, Gears 2 deserve a higher score, than Uncharted 2.
Why GOTY can`t score same as these x360 games? Because it`s on PS3?

Anyway, 9.3 or 9.5, whatever, but come on. Uncharted 2 definitely is not worse GAME, as those x360 exclusives.
It`s actually probably even better, 97 on MetcaCritic after all.

GameTrailers' Geoff Keighley writes:
"Finished Uncharted 2 and you will be f*cking blown away.
Now, let`s score it less, than those x360 exclusives. Logic? Out of logic.

Saigon3482d ago

because some people and GT are missing the point...The point why everyone is complaining is because of how and not why they gave it a 9.3...

If anyone noticed on the original review they gave the presentation of U2 an 89...mainly because of originality...seriously there is not one game that is currently out that is original...each game has bit or chewed off of another game...IMHO...the story is what makes games original...and from the first several reviews i read or have seen...U2 is a unique a class by itself...

vhero3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago ) Says its all about GT's credibility they are PS3 haters and wil always be known as PS3 haters. There comparison videos were always switched if the ps3 version looked better or shown 360 VS 360 they got caught out several times and that image above is just proof of one of them. Honestly this is why people are pissed off about the score they know he loved it really but he still wanted to stick it to Sony and lower Metacritic score. A low, low thing to do as its NOT Sony that gets hurt its Naughty Dog and lets be honest here they deserve all the praise they can get as tey done a fantastic job you god damn 360 fanboys make me sick.
They say 360 is good for the market? I disagree the console market has been full of this crap since MS released a console the games market was better off without an MS console. At least Sony and Nintendo had their own agendas MS just steps on everybody's toes. and its people like Naughty Dog who get the backlash it's not fair and its why I hate MS so much. I don't hate the 360 I own one but I hate MS. You never had this crap back before an MS console.

ShadowCK3482d ago

I like the vote rating. You could say: "..The Xbox 360 sucks..." and you would still get the vote rating we see here.

NewZealander3482d ago

i thought GT gave it a good review, i really dont get what all the fuss is about, either way im looking forward to playing this next week.

mal_tez923482d ago

Christopher Walken is my Weapon of Choice.

100 cool points to anyone who gets it.

3482d ago
4Sh0w3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

That's it man, seriously I just dont get it, basicly it seems if a site doesn't give it a 10 their bias. What the hell is going on with some of you, can you not understand the concept that somebody might like another game more than Uncharted2 after playing it, and if thats the case should he still rate it higher because of specs? At this point I don't think some of you know what bias is, what you are seeking is for reviewers to score games according to what you individually think it merits. I honestly don't see a problem with two different reviewers both loving and hating a game for the same reasons and less its something absurd, like "I gave it a 5 because its too fun." I've played with friends who loved and hated the cover system in Gears, surely if they reviewed the game we would likely see a difference in score and as long as they say why they felt that way why would either score be wrong, the reader simply has to know or judge whether or not he would agree or disagree, like or dislike that aspect of the game and how much it would affect his enjoyment overall, why can't some of you just do that without pointing the all too easy bias finger?

StanLee3482d ago

It's absolutely disgusting what fanboys have turned this generation into. To have to defend a 9.3/10 review is ridiculous. What's funny is that Shane has been one of the most vocal supporters of the PS3 and their fanboy community over at GameTrailers. This is disgusting.

sunil3482d ago

how can we blame gametrailers... Sony forgot to originally send them their review bribe... ops... i mean fees :D

acedoh3482d ago

need to take a stance and avoid Game Trailers all together. If people backlash against Game Trailers then they will see the power of PS3 owners when they lose advertising revenue. I am sorry but after watching their Forza 3 review I was at a loss for words. Forza 3 may play great. It may be a lot of fun and offer a lot of new extras but graphically this game is not half of Gran Turismo prologue and when I hear the reviewer praising the visuals I almost stop breathing. That to me has to be the most obvious and apparent show of bias I have ever seen. But then again as long as so many of these reviews say the graphics are great people actually begin to believe it and put the rose colored glasses on. As gamers in general we need to stand for integrity and honesty in reviews. I am tired of the lack of ethics with these websites. It's time for a change and it can only start by avoiding dishonest websites.

indysurfn3482d ago

PS3 fans just get upset when a game with great hype does not get a perfect. Did you see them have to defend to xbox360 fans the reviews of Forza? Let me put it this way, if you think attacking a site will make them like you, your stupid! If you think it will make them like your system, your stupid. When have you meet a person on this planet and showed them hate, and got love in return?
There probably are some people at GT that prefer xbox360, but there are more that prefer ps3. I find great hypocrazy for a N4G user to ever complain of favoritism. You have retards here that still think ps3 can run the same game on there system as well as the 360 without putting a full extra year of effort. Even though 19 out of 20 look and run better and faster on the 360.

Stop whining, I love forza have never seen, or played anything like it. Yet it did not get perfect scores. Even forza got dings for not being new, even though it is by far the most innovative racing game out there. Rewind, you can go back a few seconds before that crash, and redo that turn, you can paint your car in awesome ways! I'm talking GREAT DETAIL! You can then turn around and sell it. Yet it got dinged about not being original ......IT'S a RACING game. And your complaining? If a racing game gets dings when all your doing is racing. What do you expect from a shooter that just copies Gears of war!

indysurfn3482d ago

Because thousands of fanboys attacked them! They don't want to lose the fans. Plus it gets them even more hits! Just like when a Halo did not get a perfect score they defended it because thousands of fanboys attacked them (plus it gets them more hits).

It does not prove the attack where right, hence the word defend. What do you base your thinking on, some news reporter? Oh look he defended himself the attack most have been true! I have a suggestion, go read the bible see ALL the important people that defended themselvs and then make that statement.

evrfighter3482d ago

their still crying about that 9.3?


need even more tear buckets

rockleex3482d ago

Don't even try to read the article.

Keep pretending people are complaining about the score, and not the context of the review.

Ignorant 360 fanboys.

cryymoar3482d ago

I just finished watching an episode of their "Invisible Walls" video blog and one of the guys said,
"You can't swap out the hard drive like you can on the xbox."
skip to 4:30

You would think these "Gaming professionals" would know a thing or two about their consoles.
If they had read the PS3 manual they should have known of the ease and affordability of hard drive swapping on the PS3.

They didn't even bother to correct themselves via a text overlay the same way they corrected themselves with the "33% lighter" instead of when they said "2/3rds lighter."

Eddie201013482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Shane Satterfield is always overly negative in his reviews no matter the system, so much so that when he gives a game a good score you don't now weather he meant it or not. His over negativity in his reviews is the reason he should not review games.

But his argument about not bringing anything to the table that was new doesn't hold water. There are many games that don't bring anything new to the table but are the best gaming experience a gamer could have. If a game gives you a very good gaming experience and is very polished in every area, that game deserves a high score and should not have a deduction for so called originality. The games should be reviewed on a whole. Saying you have a standard deduction for none originality just does not make sense to me and to be honest is something that probably not all the Game Trailers reviewers do.

Gears of war 2 doesn't really have anything to do with anything but it was overly scored by many of its reviews. I say this because it was broken out of the box, the multi-player was buggy as heell and was not fixed for a very long time. That is a reason to lower the score for a game. Probably the reason it didn't sell as good as the first Gears of war game.

RememberThe3573482d ago

The article makes sense. Stop discounting whatever you don't like because you feel disgusted.

What did they give Halo 3? 9.8? Yeah...

This is why I love X-play's reviews.x I can always guess the score before they say it, because they give it context.

thor3482d ago

1.9 - Sword? Gun? Knife?
Christopher Walken is my Weapon of Choice.

100 cool points to anyone who gets it.

Blaze9293482d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

why is it that ps3 fans are always the ONLY complaining about websites and review scores? They are letters and numbers, big whoop! Get over it. Xbox fans arent complaining about ODST and Forza 3 scores. Nintendo Fans werent complaining about Madworld scores or are complaining about Kingdom Hearts scores. But Sony fans, complain after complain and b-b-b-biased is all I see.

I'm so glad many reviews are ditching the scoring part of reviews now. N/A for the win!

thesummerofgeorge3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

that's like taking .5 away from a FPS score just because it's a FPS, and FPS's have been done before. It's the story that should be judged on originality, and the content within the game, should we never have another RPG because an RPG isn't a new concept? There is no pleasing those who are determined to find fault. Satterfield is guilty of being exactly what he calls his accusers, A FANBOY.

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alphakennybody3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

thats right you ugly Kognok, Onlyu I can Mess with Drake, not some website who calls themselves professional when clearly showning biased reaction toward another console, i hope these kind of article woulddn't stop pop-in and set site like Gamestop,IGN, GAMETRAILERs and etc straight up just for gaming and no fanboyisme.

jazzking20013482d ago

i have no idea what side you are on

alphakennybody3482d ago

@ jazz
i'm a pirate I only joins those who wins

topdawg1223482d ago

I thought you were dead Eddy!

alphakennybody3482d ago

@ topdawg
like I said before, you don't mess with Eddy Raja!

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Unicron3482d ago

I wish gamers, not fanboys, GAMERS... would come together and just shut out these review sites already.

Again, it's not the SCORE that's the problem, it's the BS lack of consistency. Morgan actually said it best, the fact that they even needed to "defend" their review speaks volumes.

jazzking20013482d ago

that think you are wishing the impossible

mastiffchild3482d ago

What I thought was out of order about his rebuttal was the leack of an apology for the effin' spoilers! To me that showed a complete lack of respect for the many people looking forwards to playing the game and, like GS doing it, is so amateur I fail to believe it was an accidental oversight. The first rule of ANY review is not to spoil the content of what you're reviewing for the punters. In a story driven, finely acted game like U2 it's EVEN more important than most!

Unicron's right though but the industry has the fanboys(and not fairly moderate gamers with a preference for whatever reason)riled and the reviewers acting as badly(at times) defending themselves with ill thought out comebacks to arguments they should be above. All people really ask for is some consistency. and bringing up Geras2 with it's failure of a MP as a rightfully higfher scoring game is a joke-and I love Gears2 SP(and MP on the odd occasion it's worked properly for me even if Horde mode isn't their invention) and think Gears itself is one of the finest games this generation. To say it's a more inventive game than U2 is a feeble justification and plain wrong-it was just more of and bigger than the first game.

His Gears2 argument clearly shows he's missing the point and feels the number is the problem when it's the feeling that not all games are judged by the same standards. His silly SMG faux pas just shows he doesn't much play PS franchises or do any research before printing half truths and complete fallacies. He SHOULD have kept schtum, if we're being honest as every single thing he brought up was ill designed to back up his argument and left him looking pretty silly, imo.

Yes, Uni, we should ignore sites that don't tally their words with their scores and/or show little knowledge of the games they review. GT have been cayght actively messing with things in the past and when caught said "you can't stop us"! Also seeing as innovation is all they care about I'll go back and re-read their 1-0/10 for Mirror's Edge shall I? Thought not. It's an argument that comes oput when it suits and not for every review and THAT is the problem here-not a 9.3 however predictavly below U2's meta that score is. I'm sure everyone could believe someone just didn't like it AS much as most-just not for these convenient, unconvincing reasons.

pixelsword3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Look up how many games for the PS3 that got a 9.5 and above; you'll be pleasantly surprised: in doing so you may find an interesting pattern between GT and another site or two.

That's your homework assignment class; I want two pages, double spaced by Monday.

Fozzy253482d ago

That would be two in total. GTA IV and Oblivion. Neither exclusive. Even LBP only got 9.4

evrfighter3482d ago

maybe because ps3 exclusives aren't really the end all be all you guys pretend they are

ever think of that?