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Play: Turn 10's done a phenomenal job of crafting an experience that'll appeal to all race fans. Whether you're a car porn addict or just a gamer looking for a joy ride, Forza 3's accessibility-anchored by fantastic difficulty scaling-depth, and breathtaking presentation put it neck and neck alongside the season's other genre definers Need for Speed: SHIFT and Dirt 2.

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DevastationEve3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Whoo! Nice, certainly this is a good game and a great review. I think Turn 10 defends their crown and honor once again with Forza Motorsport 3.

edit at zhaden:

complaining about crap spewing, so says the crap spewer. if you dont like turn10 or forza ms 3 then leave. dont waste your or our time.

darkequitus3298d ago

For a non-driving game person (FPS through and through), looking back at my collection, I have bought quite a few. In semi reverse order:

Pure, MC:LA, Dirt PC, GT:P, PGR4: Motostorm, RR for 360 & PSP, PGR 3 & 2 & 1 etc.

In fact, I have recently dusted off PGR4. Though playing it reminded me why I end up stop playing racing game. Starting the same race for the 5th time because I mess up at the last minute? No thanks. I will use the rewind feature. IT mean I will get nowhere on the leader board. No like I would get anywhere anyway. I would be r*ped in online MP anyway. I least I will be motivated to keep playing.

SnuggleBandit3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

they never had "THE" crown so i'm not sure what you are talking about

And their so called "honor" is pretty laughable if you follow all the crap they have been spewing about the competition

leeger3298d ago

what I really like about Forza 3 is that the game caters to both hardcore and casual racing fans and that makes it a fun game, it deserves the high scores (but I still believe T10 are a bunch of insecure douche bags) though let's all be honest the graphics and damage are not really that impressive, they are not bad though but it's not jaw dropping as what other people are claiming it to be.

DMason3298d ago

Dont even bother with Z Hayden. He's been trolling Forza reviews for the past couple days now. Probably hasnt gotten much sleep. Just take away one of his bubble and report his comment.

All Time Greatness3298d ago

Actually, considering Forza has been higher rated than outdated Gran Turismo every since it became a racing franchise, yes, it has had the crown, and still does. And GT5 isn't going to be taking it. I will LOL when GT5 scores in the 80%'s.

HypnoticMonkey3297d ago


Yes, god forbid someone should be allowed to speak their mind, right? Like it or not but these comments are for everyone to express their opinions and views.

He's right, what crown did they have to begin with?

DMason3297d ago

@Hypnotic Monkey

You're 100% wrong Monkey. And please don't act self righteous and condescending. Those comments are reserved for the Open Zone. That's the section to the right of us. We all know that Z Hayden is a PS3 fanboy with alterior motives. Just check out his comment history.

It's ok to voice your opinion, just read the rules and do it in the right section.

MegaPowa3297d ago

This is off topic but what is with your avatar? theres no way the ps3 is printing money that better be a shredder or something the ps3 is a great system but sony is not making profit from each system sold

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Whut3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )


But but the Gamereactorz and eurogamerz are the real reviewzzz!

darkequitus3298d ago

Never heard of thoze sitez, buzz buzz. Lol

shark973298d ago

9+ is very easy to reach this gen ,, and that's what will DESTROY the gen !! :(

Sigh3298d ago

after many sites gave GTA4 a 10, I'm not surprised that many games are getting 9s so easily. Gaming journalism has gone to sh&# also this gen.

GayASSAdmins3298d ago

looks @ Shark's avatar.

shakes head.


003298d ago

What do you expect, because anything below a 9 is apparently a failure.

DevastationEve3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

I believe we've reached a point in gaming history where games have truly lived up to and exceeded the gamer's expectations. It's even better when developers can do it while being respectful to others, so I hope Turn 10 takes this sweet victory and remembers how humble they began. And to thank Polyphony Digital for being so great at what they do.

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