Vandal Online: Forza 3 Review

Vandal: Microsoft's simulation bet takes a new leap in quality, makes itself more accessible and remains a must-have for driving fans.

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DevastationEve3481d ago

Ah! Quick, bow before the masterpiece of divine racing simulation that is Forza!

Insane, these reviews are pretty spot on and it's great to see Forza pulling in such high marks.

ReservoirDog3163481d ago

Now just think how highly everyone would've thought of turn 10 if they had just kept their mouths shut these last 4 months.

iamgoatman3481d ago


Everyone? All I see is a bunch of overly dramatic fanboys whining on about Turn 10's recent comments. I don't think your average gamer gives a sh*t what the dev's have been saying. Maybe they just want to actually play the game? A crazy notion I know!

ambientFLIER3481d ago

I agree. They ran their mouth off way too much, and I expected something that rivaled cgi in-game.

ReservoirDog3163481d ago

Well, I'm just saying. They got really annoying since E3. People respect developers. Insomniac, ND, Bioware, Kojima, Tim Schafer; those developers all have the respect of the gaming community.

Turn 10 were arrogant the whole way through. I'm sure their game is good. But the developers were just annoying. And if they had just kept their mouths shut, they would've had the respect of the community.

Maybe I'm wrong though. I don't know.

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Whut3481d ago

Only Great score for this game.

"but but gamereactz and eurogamerzz is the real reviewzz"

leeger3481d ago

do you really have to put that comment on every forza 3 review?

Whut3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

yes I have to.

did the game receive a epic score?


did the hating Fanboys said stuff like

gamereacortzz and eurogamerz is teh real reviewz



DevastationEve3481d ago

So Forza MS 3 really is all, now to get that ltd CE box set.

Bereaver3481d ago

The only thing that Forza is, is a fire starter.

Everyone knows Forza doesn't look as good as they thought it would. Everyone knows Forza doesn't play as good as they thought it would.

I mean, sure, fan boys point it out, but then you got other fan boys denying it.

The same goes with ODST.

I guess, you protect the only thing you got, while others bash it for things it has not.

Forza is a good game, but it isn't anywhere near being the future. This was supposed to be the "next gen", what happened?

3481d ago
shutupandplay3481d ago

I`m sorry, you lost me. I hope you`re not implying that a game like GT5 IS the future while F3 ISN`T. That would be idiotic.

durran33481d ago

What scrubs you like you don't understand is that Forza has some of the BEST driving mechanics compared to any simulator out there. The sheer amount of customization thats available in the game is second to none. The online community of Forza is the best when it comes to driving games. The Gameplay in General is absolute A Grade material...The Cars in the game are fantastic, sound fantastic and drive fantastic. You people are nothing but a bunch of cry babies who can or will never appreciate a good game.. It sucks to be you... people like you are the reason i tend to avoid this website..

XDF3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

in the 93-95 on Metacritic when it is all said and done.

Haters will always be haters. They go by Gamereactor that gave Uncharted 2 a 8/10 and go ahead and turned around and troll on their lamed Forza review.

Anyways, this game will be mine in about 2.5 weeks. Can't wait. The haters can wait 6-12 months for all I care for their GT5.

Bereaver3481d ago

Ok, so you're right about it being next gen lol. But I remember looking back before thinking this was going to be it! This is going to be the next gen! But some pc games that were released before next gen, look similar to a lot of gens this gen.

A fan boy doesn't say that forza is going to be good.

I knew you guys wouldn't understand. I'm not trying to hate. I'm saying, Forza 3 isn't what it should of been. If thing were the way turn 10 were talking, they this game should be over what it is already.

Anyway, like I said, it's still going to be a good game. But not as good as they say.

And about shutupandplay, you stating anything about GT5 makes you fan boy. Simply because I didn't bring that to the table. I mean I could spin that right around, so you're saying that Forza 3 is the future and GT5 is not?

You guys don't see what I'm saying, and you never will. BUT, I will repeat it again.

This game is good, BUT it isn't as good as they said it would be.

Turn 10 talked it up to be a perfect simulation for racing but it came out to be a game that everyone can compete in.

Real simulation games aren't meant to be easy, they are meant to be real.

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XDF3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

We get it, you are a hater and don't even own a X360 for Christ sake...

Just look at one of your recent Forza and Halo bashing comment and it doesn't take a genius to figured out that you are a Sony Troll

The OPEN ZONE is that WAY>>>>>>Ple ase go join your PS3 buddies there and have a good time bashing Forza so you don't have to stealth troll in the Gamer Zone.

Bereaver3481d ago

You're one to talk with the name XDF.

Anyway, I didn't say anything about any other system or anything.

And to be honest, I don't have an xbox360 ANYMORE. No, I didn't sell it. Someone stole it pretty much. My buddy got a speeding ticket and I paid for it, then I moved out of my house for a little while. While I was gone, my "buddy" came back and got it. Saying that I said it was ok.

I just haven't bought another one because I'm living in China right now. And if it RROD'd or anything, I would be out of luck.

You're last comment didn't say anything about forza, and this is a forza review. Please The open zone is >>>>>>>&g t;> over there. Please take your rant about your kind somewhere else.

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