Epic: Unreal The "Unofficial Engine" of Natal

GCO: "It's no secret that Epic Games has established a very avid relationship with Microsoft, producing such exclusives as Gears of War and Shadow Complex – both very high sellers for Microsoft's system, the Xbox 360."

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James Bond3296d ago

Indeed, they're both very ugly and overrated.

Sunny_D3296d ago

kind of like PP'S mom! :D

PandemicPrawn03296d ago

Perhaps Microsoft should just buy Epic.

They seem to have a love affair with the UE anyway, and it would stop the Gears of War and Shadow Complex franchise's from ever going multiplat.

They could also use the extra first party development.

Just my two cents.

Aaron Greenterd3296d ago

"Natal", the abortion of the industry

Why wouldn't the Unreal Engine be the engine for Natal, it's the only engine our system can run...

Whut3296d ago

"Why wouldn't the Unreal Engine be the engine for Natal, it's the only engine our system can run..."

MT frameWork : Resident Evil 5 ?

Crystal Tools : Final Fantasy XIII ?

Havok : L4D series ?

Pandamobile3296d ago

Havok? What? The proprietary physics engine that like 90% of games use?

TheIneffableBob3296d ago

Valve's games use the Source engine for the game engine. They use a heavily modified version of the Havok physics engine to drive the physics. Unreal Engine 3 has PhysX built-in as its default physics engine.

Sarcasm3296d ago

"MT frameWork : Resident Evil 5 ?

Crystal Tools : Final Fantasy XIII ?

Havok : L4D series ?"

Trying to be a smarty pants, but obviously ignorant of what engines are used. lol the Irony.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

And we thought Natal was doomed before...

Now with Natal MLB, you can play virtual baseball in a field made of crumbled rocks, limestone grass and rusted iron walls. You'll feel like your really there when you swing the cobblestone bat at the steel ball.

Natal MLB: Metal-Lined Boulders

Staude3296d ago

Havok is a physics engine XD left 4 dead runs on the source engine.

Microsoft Xbox 3603295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

The Unreal engine sucked with a controller and it will suck even more without one.

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jjohan353296d ago

Does any of you think this might be Unreal Engine 4? After all they said it would be released on the next console. Do you guys think Natal 360 will be released as Microsoft's next console?

pixelsword3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I do suspect we'll see the 360/Natal combo or integration in stores around 2010, probably march. I though this ever since the Gears 4 on next gen consoles statement.

KionicWarlord2223296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Yeah...that ricochet game and paint part run on unreal .

" Microsoft's E3 demo for Project Natal include two game demos -- Paint Party and Ricochet. We assumed that these minigames were developed from scratch, specially for the E3 demonstration, but Epic's Mark Rein has stated in an interview with OXM that they were made using the Unreal Engine 3."

kaveti66163296d ago

That's the problem with Microsoft. They're always branching out in the wrong directions, or else they're stubbornly sticking to one thing. The Unreal Engine 3 isn't bad, but it can't compete with a proprietary engine.

Ninjamonkey3296d ago

Wasnt gears 2 made using unreal?

In which case unreal should be fine for the 360. At the end of the day it jsyt works like a pc.

If they make an Unreal 4 it should be good.

Also Im getting more and more excited about NATAL, apparently gears 3 will have it!!!

Chaos Striker3296d ago

Mmmm...having Natal track your physical movements as you do the motion for chainsawing the Locust. That sounds very satisfying, lol.

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