Left 4 Dead 2: What Was Cut?

We're all aware of the massive controversy surrounding the recent banning of the uncut Left 4 Dead 2 in Australia. Bad news. The game has made the MA 15+, but not without some epic changes.

Read the fail after the link.

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Ron_Burgundy3348d ago

no offense, but the Australian government are full of p***ies, grow a pair will ya?

shayol33t3348d ago

This makes me oh so very sad :/

Overhaul indeed, it needs one pronto.

vhero3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

Shut up will ya? what wrong with trying to protect your countries young minds from violence? NOTHING! It's not the fact the Aussies are being too harsh the fact is US and other countries are being too soft. Especially the US they would peg the most violent games at PG, and you wonder why the US has more violent deaths than any other country by teenagers? +1 Australia

If you have such a problem though get a USA steam account and download the full GORE version SIMPLES.

zagibu3348d ago

Except that protecting the youth is not the job of a state government, but the job of the parents.

Rovdjuret3347d ago

Vhero, i cant really say Games have an impact on how i see things.
i played First GTA when i where like 10 or smthing played Doom back then to ...
People make their own decitions what they wanna think about whats on the screen...
i live in sweden and we basicly have the same system as the US and i havent seen stuff happening because of games people play sure there is a few people 1-3 that has jumped off buildings and stuff but there has usually been drugs / heavy drinking involved...

Blame the people not the games

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Vonsutton3348d ago

I know what you mean dude. I am Australian and I totally agree. I don't know why such twats rating our content, but it's the inconsistent nature of the classifications board that gets me going.

Left 4 Dead got rated and was sold in OZ, but that has just as much blood and gore as #2? WTF?

What country are you from Ron?

Pandamobile3348d ago

Have you seen any L4D2 gameplay videos? It's 10x more gory than the first.

omni_atlas3348d ago

Tell me where to pre-order this, W/O any censoring. I'm picking this over MW2 (for now) because those morons at Activision decided to delay their game.

And when is the demo coming out, is that only open to pre-orders on steam?

Pandamobile3348d ago

Pre-orders get the demo a couple days early. I'm not sure exactly when it comes out.

Senden3348d ago

Lol the people who banned this game need to either A: get the sand out of their Vaganuses or B: Get laid.. I mean if it's human on human with explicit gore, I could at least understand however human on zombie getting banned.. what a bunch of pansies.

VMAN_013348d ago

The appeal for the uncensored version is on my I know what I am wishing for.

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The story is too old to be commented.