Square Enix Wastes Another Game on Cell Phones

Anoop Gantayat: One of my goals in creating this site was to give myself a portal for speaking out against publishers who attempt to release anything worthwhile on a cell phone. Thus far, Square Enix has proven to be the biggest offender.

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wxer3299d ago

Waste ???

is this guy stupid or what
hi you ... they call it business and SE knows their sh!t

Sigh3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

He's saying its a waste, why not let him say that?

"SE knows their sh!t"-- This gen? I hope you're joking.

ZombieAutopsy3299d ago

Well i would prefer them to make games for the PSP or DS if theyre going portable, but im sure alot of people who like to game on their cell phones like it.

xoxideu3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

bleh commented on wrong article..

Reibooi3298d ago

Considering pretty much EVERY person in Japan owns a cell phone and cell phones in Japan are more powerful then the PSP it makes sense for SE to make games for that market as they will sell the most.

They have been getting into the practice of releasing the better cell phone games on PSP which is the case with Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday. Originally it was announced as a cell phone game but now it will be coming to PSP and I'm pretty sure FFXIII Agito was the same way.

SpoonyRedMage3298d ago

@Reibooi: You're right and in their latest querterly reports they've noted that the mobile phone market has been increasing in size and drawing in big profits and Wada said that they'd be making more games for mobiles.

It's not like they're cutting support for other platforms either, they still have BIG games coming for the PSP and DS(much bigger than their mobile games) and if the games get brought to the west it might be on the Wiiware like FFIV: The After Years or even through the PSP Minis or DSiware. or even PSN and XBL.

Tony P3299d ago

Don't much care if it's on a phone, but paying to play an RPG in pieces bugs the hell out of me. I'll take full games, please.

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pixelsword3299d ago

...they would actually FINISH THE GAME THEY ARE WORKING ON.

I'm sure the ones that are making this game may not have the requisite skills to help with their console/PC games, but somehow it ticks me off when I see other games like this from them.