Epic: Natal Won't Change Hardcore Games

Project Natal may be an ambitious project by Microsoft, but Epic's Mark Rein doesn't think it'll change hardcore games.

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wxer3298d ago

"Epic: Natal Won't Change Hardcore Games"
yah thats why you guys well use it in the next GeOW

HighDefinition3298d ago

Sorry, but yes it will.

Look at the what nintendo has become. Party games seem to go hand and hand w/ motion controls, not hardcore games.

I`m just sayin.

WildArmed3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

As long as its Optional, it wont change.
But if its not, I'mma chuck this game in a garbage can and BURN BURN BURN with natal.

If Sony does anything like this with their hardcore franchises, i'll do the same. BURN BURN BURN

I just hope they are not being forced to use it so people will be forced to buy natal for the GeOW experience

ShabzS3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

its really not... doing the "shooting" parts in fps games through natal would be ridiculuos ... anyone seen that halo 3 natal vid on youtube... but then again there are games like condemned or dead rising where natal could work well ... anything with melee invovled it will work ... but the shooting aspects for fps and tps ... wont work ... maybe for things like that i guess natal's voice recognition aspect kicks in

Aaron Greenterd3298d ago

Our research focus groups show very positive responses for "Natal", in fact our focus group personnel have assured us that they will purchase an Xbox bundled with "Natal" as soon as the product is available at retail, even if the MSRP is $599.99. Actually, our focus groups are always eager to tell us how good our products are...must be the free 5 star hotel stay, complementary buffet dinners and free Xbox live points.

Anywho, our own paid media outlets have shown us that people want "Natal", because the media attention surrounding "Natal" has been so overwhelming. People cannot wait to talk to a boy that doesn't exist, and scare fish by swinging their hands in mid-air.

And let's not forget the thrill of using your chainsaw gun to chop a Locust in half in the upcoming Gears of War 3...I mean, how fun is that going to be? Convulsing in front of your TV with an air-saw while your family watches in horror...who wouldn't love that?

In all, "Natal" will be a very profitable business for us. By agreeing to the term and conditions attached to "Natal", we will be using peoples very own likeness for free in our own commercials to advertise "Natal" to the rest of the world. These unsuspecting consumers will become Microsoft spokespeople for free; that way I can remain the #1 paid spokesperson for Microsoft. Forever.


Microsoft Xbox Division
World of America

Anon19743298d ago

Microsoft is looking hard at the success of the Wii and saying "Hey, we should do that. Let's cater to the casuals."
If they do it at the expense of the hardcore gamers who put the 360 where it is today, this will surely spell disaster.

4Sh0w3297d ago

Sony is also now doing motion controls, does this mean they are doing it at the expense of the hardcore ps3 gamers?

Essentially both micro and sony are jumping on the wii bandwagon, the only difference I can see besides in the tech and hardware itself is that Natal is drawing more attention.

PirateThom3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Here's the thing though, Sony have always had "casual" games, in fact, they have studios who work entirely on Singstar and EyeToy games, but they still have Naughty Dog, Santa Monica or Guerilla Games who have never touched casual games and probably never will. Sony aren't "abandoning" hardcore gamers any more than they did during the PS2. You have the resources, you assign them to what they're best at.

Microsoft don't have enough studios to dedicate resources to both and Rare and Lionhead seem to both be on Natal duty (with both providing tech rather than actual games) and Turn 10's games won't translate to Natal. It's, once again, Microsoft putting the hardware solely in the hands of third party developers and, being an optional peripheral, at their mercy.

Remember, Microsoft tried the casual approach before with the Vision Cam and Scene It games, going as far as dedicating most of their E3 press conference in 2007 (?) to them. Microsoft (and Sony) want to make money from the casual gamers the Wii has already brought in, but Microsoft are almost certainly going to find it hard to sell Natal unless they start supporting it. You can't just throw down hardware add ons and third party expect developers to do the hard work.

4Sh0w3297d ago

Microsoft has done a good job competing this gen with far fewer studio's than sony has, why would supporting Natal be any different? They'll do some great stuff internally and then pay for the bulk of Natal's support through 3rd party and it sounds like from many 3rd party devs are very interested to see what they can do with the tech, according to microsoft many are already doing so. Also microsoft started off this gen saying they wanted to make the 360 more family friendly than the original xbox, they've said that many times over the course of this gen, they started off with games like Kameo and Viva Pinata, later with Photo Party and Scene It, and lately theres been stuff like Lips, 1 vs 100 and plenty other family type Arcade games, but honestly I haven't touch any of it except Kameo and 1 vs 100 both of which I liked but its obviously not what I got a 360 for, and of course I don't think theres anything ground breaking here, but nor do I think thats the case with sony's "casual offerings", well except LBP, but again I attribute that mostly being to microsoft putting those options out there, nobody ever thought they would become a important FOCUS, no just bullet points for their resume. Natal however has the potential to seriously be a great enhancement to both sides of the fence, no doubt it will offer a bunch of (better)casual games with new gameplay, but it also has alot of possibilities for enhancing existing hardcore games which is of course what WE ALL want to see. Theres no doubt in my mind it will at least add some nice new gameplay features because that seems something like menu screen manipulation, set voice commands and throwing a grenade with just a hand movement is something that could be easily implemented and done with the tech that was demonstrated at E3. More sophisticated gameplay elements some have speculated about might be a problem or take awhile but other lower scale implementation while sounding really simple coull be alot of fun to do in many hardcore games. Under-estimating microsoft, a company with tons of financial resources is foolish. Its just a question of when and how good will Natal games be.

Anon19743297d ago

"Sony is also now doing motion controls, does this mean they are doing it at the expense of the hardcore ps3 gamers?"

That's an excellent question. We'll have to wait and see. Something that Sony did when they unveiled their motion control was show it being used with hardcore games - the sword and shield demo was excellent, showing how that technology could be incorporated into hardcore games. That's something that I feel Microsoft didn't do, with their Milo/Elephant Shadow/Let's throw paint at the wall demo.

Now, it all boils down to how they implement the tech. Microsoft could wow everyone and come out with a great way to use Natal with more traditional games - and if they pull it off I'll be the front row, applauding loudly. However, I haven't seen an evidence that this is the road they're going down. Time will tell.

Now if they both companies keep motion control just to party type games and casual titles, that's fine as well. I have no issue with them catering to the casual market. What I don't want to see is them go 100% casual at the expense of the hardcore market. When the makers of Gears start talking Natal that sends shivers down my spine. Did you see that youtube video of the guy and grandma pointing their fingers and yelling "bang! Bang!" It's parody (I assume) but still scares the hell out of me as a gamer because with Nintendo's success, I can see a boardroom filled with non gamers decide that's the future.

Microsoft's Shane Kim already stated the next console would probably be a cheaper, digital distribution hub. Clearly, the success of the Wii hasn't been lost on them and a company like Microsoft has no loyalty to existing gamers if they can make even more money with casuals.

Thankfully, if it comes down to that and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo go towards casual gameplay - the hardcore market still exists and as long as there's a market, someone will step up and cater to it so, hopefully, all will not be lost. I really don't think it will get to that point, though.

Tito083296d ago

he's talking about hardcore games, not party games!!!

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thebudgetgamer3298d ago

there will be days when i fell like jumping around and what not. most days though after school and work i just want to sit in my recliner with a controller in hand. so good to hear.

Sigh3297d ago

he is creating a natal version of gears then. Probably reaching out to the casuals? Don't get him...

Arnon3297d ago

You didn't even read that article, did you?

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