GameZone: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

GameZone writes: "The game has some repetition, but the look of the game is wonderful and the action flows well, drawing players through the game. This is an enjoyable game that keeps players on their toes, tantalizes with stunning vistas and some cool animations and keeps the story flowing well".

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FiftyFourPointTwo4232d ago

Only on PS3.
It only crushes the 360.

Killman4232d ago

I love how balanced the multiplayer is as well. Everything feels just right. Most shooters either over-do or under-do many things.

Zones4232d ago

"The game also brings multiplayer into the mix, with some nice cooperative sessions through game maps. There are also a bevy of achievements that can be earned; you can gain achievements particular to each weapon, as well as score for the type of attack, such as headshots."


"Fun, fast, furious are all keywords in how this plays out."

So how can multiplayer get 8.8 while there's no complain about that aspect???


sikbeta4232d ago

are you trying to use logic? "I have no complain about the MP so I give it an 8.8" you can't use logic on that sentence

itisa4232d ago

Multiplayer :Fun, fast, furious are all keywords in how this plays out

so we decide to give it Multiplayer a 8.8 ...

Zones4232d ago

"The eyes on Chloe and Elena are a bit glassy and not that good looking."

Is that for real? Seriously?

sunil4232d ago

GTA got a 10/10 for graphics... and by popular opinion UC2 is the best looking game ever... guess something doesnt add up

Zones4232d ago

Yes, they have inFAMOUS graphics rated higher than Uncharted 2!

Does any sane mind around here agree with that?

Mc Fadge4232d ago

They're very different games, and their graphical engines suit those games. Uncharted 2 isn't an open world, and it allows them to focus their talents on some (very) impressive graphics, because they know exactly what's going to be on screen.

deadreckoning6664232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

@sunil- GTA4 came out a year and a half ago. The standards were different back then. Still its messed up that Infamous got a higher score.

Zones4232d ago

Like I said below, they have rated Demon's Souls graphics a 9.4. And that game is releasing one week prior to Uncharted 2.

Talk about messed up!

sunil4232d ago

standards should be per generation of consoles not per year... review scores are review scores and looking at both reviews it simply tells me GTA4 looks better than Uncharted 2. That is simply incorrect

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Gabe EatsWell4232d ago

This game is king of 2009.

Mo0eY4232d ago

This game is the king of all games this generation.

lordkemp0074232d ago

These self same chumps award a sub hd game halo odst an 8.5 for graphics.

Gears of war 2 graphics an 9.5 ( uncharted 1 looks better than this)

They give uncharted 2 a 9 for graphics. 99% of reviewers acknowledge this as the best looking console game ever made.

Gamezone you are full of $hit.

Not grumbling about the overall score.

Gamezone the Pinnoccios of game journalism.

Zones4232d ago

They have Demon's Souls graphics at 9.4, four points higher than Uncharted 2!

And the release of these two games are one week apart, so the whole "standard" thing can't work as they are both on PS3 and they are both releasing in the same month.

Ravage274232d ago

this is a 360 fansite, the difference is that they don't do it as blatantly as Edge or Gamespy.

Rhythmattic4232d ago

as once a PS3 only owner, I never got involved in graphics comparisons, Until now.

Having Purchased a 360 Pro a few weeks ago, I am playing through the exclusives I missed out on.

Now I suppose I'm gonna get my hands dirty.....

lordkemp007 , Having this week played both uncharted (again, but on crushing) , and GeoW2 , there is no doubt in my mind UC1 does indeed wipe the floor Of GeoW2, Graphically, inc controls and Presentation.

I must mention I am comparing SP mode. Havent played GeoW2 MP yet.

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