Modern Warfare 2 - Video Sharing Coming as DLC

Games.On.Net as an interview up with Modern Warfare 2's lead multiplayer designer Todd Alderman in which he talks about bringing Halo 3 like video sharing options to MW2 as DLC amongst a lot of other matchmaking, default class and other information.

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WildArmed3300d ago

wow wow.
Imma smack IW if they charge us for that feature

mistajeff3300d ago

I think if they ended up charging, it wouldn't be IW's doing. Remember who the publisher is..

deadreckoning6663300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

As DLC?? AS DLC!!! WHAT THE F%*K????

Ya know, I believed that Modern Warfare 2 had a chance ta steal GOTY..I really did. But charging for video sharing, something that should be there for free?

Unless the DLC is FREE. If Activision has the balls to charge for this..IM boycotting and getting Uncharted 2. This console war thg was funny at first, but im really pissed about this.

JohnnyUtah3300d ago

chill the hell out winstons. as if it is not goty anyway. five minutes you didn't even know about this and you were totally in the game so what difference does this knowledge make

edwineverready3300d ago

uncharted2 has it out of the box. So why not mw2.

SlappingOysters3300d ago

cool, I did not know it was in uncharted 2. Hope the multiplayer is up to scratch.

Rifle-Man3300d ago

Download the Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo – it's pretty goddamn awesome.

evrfighter3300d ago

played it...pretty meh

plays just like winback with more players and better graphics

n4gn4gn4gn4g3300d ago

since you're acting so greedy.

vShinobi3300d ago

Uncharted 2 has it in the full game.

Halo 3 has it in the full game.

MW2 will most likely charge for it, I blame activision.

dgroundwater3300d ago

Let me just stop all these hate trains for a moment. He said " is definitely something we’ve looked at and thought about... we have it in our future to-do pile."

He didn't say "We have it done and we'll charge you for it later! Muhahah!" So just chill until we get an official word, then proceed with the Kotick bankbook whining.

SlappingOysters3300d ago

big ups dgroundwater, I was about to say the same thing.

It is definitely worth pointing out that they have not built it yet, which would require investment (especially from a server/hosting point of view.

I am the biggest hater in the world of rigged DLC, but if this came out in six months and they had a put a lot of extra work into it I would be willing to put some coin into it.

Not much mind you...

Rifle-Man3300d ago

I'm not paying for that shít. Fück that.

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The story is too old to be commented.